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FlightOptions Hiring

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Jan 30, 2002
Does anyone know what the intentions of FlightOptions is with the pilots that were hired by Raytheon and waiting on a class date. I was to be in the January class at Raytheon prior to the merger. I have heard nothing from FlightOptions in this regards. I have left phone messages and e-mails for Eric Gerhard at FlightOptions and no response. Please Help.

To the best of my knowledge Eric is no longer the recruiter, that may be the reseasn for the lack of response. This is third hand info and I don't work at options so there may be other reasons too. I do know they need pilots, but haven't heard about what they are going to do with the RTA guys. Good Luck Great Company to work for.

I called a few weeks ago and was told that Eric Gerahard was still the recruiter. Plus I talked to a couple of Options pilots and they said he was still there as the recruiter also. They also said that Options was short of pilots.

Hope this helps! I have been faxing a resume there forever it seems.

Good Luck
I was mistaken. Eric Is still The man to talk to. He was jsut working in another department when the stopped hiring for awhile. My bad. Sorry for the confusion.
I was at Flight Options yesterday to drop off a resume. Eric is still the MAN.

Is it normal at Options that they do not reply to 3 or 4 qualified resumes sent faxed and E mailed? Will see what my hand carrying will do although did not have a chance to meet Eric, but only the lady behind the desk.
If you want a response... do this... call and leave a message every other day and send your resume ... everyother day... send a note with the fact that you were already hired by TravelAir... paper is cheep and the call is free... don't give up... Eric is very busy.. and never answers his phone.. even if he is sitting next to it..... Flight Options is currently hiring via refferals from it's own pilots.. but is you were hired by ratheon.. don't give up...

good luck
Thanks Driver.
I have been faxing, E mailing and yesterday hand carried a resume. Unfortunately, being a regional pilot, I have no friends at Options, and we don't run into Options guys at the airport or on the jumpseat, thus no referrals.
I guess, such is timing and luck.
Happened to talk with Flight Options yesterday.

Cold call. Didn't know anyone.

Found the phone number on the web.

Called 877-703-2348.

Asked to talk with someone in pilot recruitment.

Connected with Rebecca.

She said that the merger is still settling out.

Appeared that April would be about the time they would be lookin' at hiring. Didn't say what role the Raytheon HR folks were/would be playing.

She said to fax a resume to Eric - 216-797-3259.


Just called FO after reading your post and spoke to Rebecca. She said exactly what you have posted. No hiring until Aprilish. Waiting to figure out the situation with the RTA merger and classes for the RTA hired pilots.
Thanks for the info.

Still looking for a kind soul who would carry in my resume and provide a referral for me.

Fly safe!
The reason they are gonna wait is because RTA had more pilots per airplane than Flight Opts... and so things need to settle... but keep tyring... don't think you are bugging anyone... you aren't.... it shows interest.. believe me..

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