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Flight Options Walk-ins

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May 18, 2003
Is it frowned upon to personally deliver a resume to CGF? (I live relatively close by)

How much hiring are they doing right now? I meet their mins, but what is really competitive?

Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
There is a security guard at the door and a passkey required to get into the front office. If you got him to open the door for you, I would doubt you'd get any further. I would highly doubt anyone would walk out to greet you. My understanding is that they will only take applications over the internet site....www.flightoptions.com click on the careers icon and follow directions. They list the minimums there. As long as you meet minimums, they will consider you. When you look at how things are working out for new hires....where you must live (outlined on web-page), flex schedule...you are on-call 20 days/month, and at least a 7 yr upgrade, make sure this is what you want. If you submit your resume on-line, try to meet one or two flight options pilots. The only way to get on the short stack of resumes is to have someone reccomend you......good luck and if you want anymore info, PM me. I have worked at Flops for 6 years.
And good luck with just the mins. I walked a Friend's in last year with 3500 total, two type ratings with 1,000 pic jet and they said "he seems a little low on time.." I said "WHAT??? To sit right seat on a cj or bbj for 8 years??"

Besides, and trust me on this, you don't want to work here now. Everyone is trying to leave.
Eat Sleep Fly

Be careful going to that company web site on your own personal computer, Trojan Horsey's have been running wild on that site. Use one at a friendly FBO.

I agree with Tommy Boy, if you are looking for a place you can grow and feel proud to be a part of, you may want to look into pumping fuel, driving trucks or counting wild birds. This place will burn you out on flying. Many pilots here were very excited to be apart of this, but now they are putting in apps at Walmart to save their sanity.

Good Luck!
Yeah no offense to the pilots, but I hear that place is a sinking ship due to poor management. I wish it weren't so, since one of my close friends is starting to look for work elsewhere.
A lot of great pilots have left to find other opportunities.. Its a shame really, because for a while it was a great place to work.
I emailed my resume in once every 6 months or so. I still have not even gotten a call. The fact that it takes them 4-6 months (usually) to send me a sorry but we are not interested email. I am assuming the reason why is because I will not move to one of their select cities. But 6 months for a rejection letter? Come on get serious!!!!!!!
Fly High try Flex, the schedule & bases aren't as good, and its hard work but its a job. They really need pilots.
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My issue is that I don't intend on moving and with Flex or C. Shares I would need to move. I have a great house with wife and kids in the city that I live and there is not a base here for Flex. NetJets has a base that is a 3 hour drive away or only 50 min by airline. So, personally, I am hoping that the plan that Options has of trying to put all of their pilots in a limited amount of cities falls on its face and the I can airline out of here as was the Options policy of old.

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