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Flight Options vs. Executive Jet

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Jan 26, 2002
I am trying to decide which company is better to work for. I know Flight Options pays a lot more, but it isnt always about the money. Can I have some input please.
Flight Options pays more for now, but remember we are in union contract stuff right now. In other words, soon EJA will be the best paying frac by far with a union and give you job security that flight options can not. Flight options prior to sept 11 was in deep crap but are doing fine for the time, but a Berkshire company and Warren Buffett is a much better gamble than anything else. My advice is go to some FBO,s and talk to the pilots. You will find EJA pilots a lot happier than thoise at fight options plus we fly new planes and not some 1970 junker. Sorry flight options guys, but it is the truth
Contract Status?

What's going on with these contract negotitations at EJA? I've heard all the rumours of how good the new contract will be etc. etc. etc. and everybody I've talked to indicates very good relations union/company. But nevertheless they've been without a contract since last October?

Flight Options


Junk??? I would not call or aircraft junk...1970s yes, but not junk.
i guess the airlines fly in junk airplanes to?

FO is a good place to work, i have been there for 2 years and really enjoy the place. Good MX, good people and good Aircraft. Would i like to fly new airplanes...yes, but not for the pay you are getting. New/used we do the same job. I hope that you get a kick butt contract.....then so will we....and it will be more. That way you can wait another year or 2 for your union to catch up to FO pay.

Fly safe.
I guess we will see when you are out of work sometime soon and my pay is about 45k with my extra time in my first year. Do not bet my UNION contract is going to make you happy. You have to do that for ourself. Good luck and we will sign a contract that makes us the highest payed frac guys around. So in other words what ever you get after our contract is signed, we will get higher. Good luck and I am biased because I work at EJA. Thank god we all do not want the same job.
"I guess we will see when you are out of work sometime soon "


why do you think i will out of work???

Fly Safe!
I'm no expert, but how can the combination/merger of Flight Options and Raytheon Travel Air be successful? Has either company ever made a profit? Has either company been able to get the financial backing and supoort that EJA has? How many jets are they selling right now comapred to a few years ago?

Rumor has it that Travel Air has been "for sale" for several years. They partnered with Flight Options after being turned down by the other fracs. Why would EJA and Flexjet turn down the opportunity to merge with or buy Travel Air if it was such a good company? Makes me wonder.

If anyone has any facts, I would love to hear them. The rumor mill seems to be running pretty hot and heavy right now.

FLOPSLLC pay, that is a good question.
None of us at EJA doubt that you guys are getting paid more, but, just for the record, what IS first year pay (No per diem, nothing but base pay) and how much per month do you pay for medical? I realize that fracstats.com is a little dated.

The random quotes I have seen on this post have you PAYING considerably more for you insurance than we pay for union dues. The pay quotes I have seen have only been 1-2K above ours.
For example, if you pay $200 per month for insurance, you actually pay over $1800/yr more than we do for dues. Which would all but negate a $2000 pay rate above ours? Do you REALLY think KR will give you a 70% raise to top us in the long run?

Everyone likes the anti union rhetoric, but usually the first thing another frac pilot asks us is, "What's up with the....contract, union, etc?" Ironic, huh?
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Thanks for your post. Could you explain a few things for me? What are the "benefit credits" and how are they used? What is incentive pay? I looked under 1st year captains and F/Os with family medical on the Beechjet and King Air.

Omitting the $648 Credit, $1788 medical, $911.52 dental, $119 disability =$2818.52 (For reference, all of the above is covered under EJA's union dues, $35/month for F/Os...$412/year)
401K is matched 100% to 4%, so 1st year is about $1360.
EJAs is 50% to 20%, about $2710 (before upgrade pay)

EJA $27,108 - $412 + 2710 = $29,406
FO LLC $34,000 1st yr F/O - $2818= $31,182 + 1360 = $32,542

Only a difference of $3136

I also checked at the 4 year Hawker Capt level and estimate a difference of 1-2K.

All while FO LLC works more days per year, no holiday pay, with no sick time and vacation time. ( I realized there are 16 personal days).

Just something to think about.

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