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Well-known member
Sep 23, 2003
Hey I heard a FLOPS pilot was arrested at the airport this week for getting into a altercation including fist at the airport. Can anyone validate this rumour I have heard.
He probably punched out one of those chicks behind the counter who can be a little unpleasant sometimes.
Those ladies (and I use the word ladies very loosely) are the most horrible women I have ever met at an FBO. They are the least helpful, most lazy and rudest FBO people in the country! I wish they would go away, but with no competition they are there to stay. I purposly tanker fuel around that nasty FBO!
Thanks to FLOPS for feeding me at ACK this past week. The free sandwiches were delicous.
Have to admit that food was nice for a middle of the day snack. I assume it was to impress clients but every pilot there hit that spread like bees on honey.

Mr. I.


Just wonder where you got this info? Or you just trying to slam the fracs as you seem to love to do?

fly safe
It is true another CJ guy in trouble. They were at a bar and he ran his mouth and 4 locals helped him shut it. His FO saved his tail from becoming burger.
......Galaxy you way off base...there is no CJ pilot in trouble, no pilot got arrested, and no pilot got his BUTT kicked either. Sorry you cant bring a bad light on FLOPS this time no matter how bad you hate them.......

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