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Flight Options... Help!

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May 4, 2002
Looking for any help I can get..Would love to fly for Flight Options, but have no connections(i.e., no one to walk in resume.)
If any one comes into CMH area, would be more than willing to meet with you to get a personal reccomendation. Also, is 1300 TT to low time to apply?..It's almost all jet, BE-400Typed.
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I walked in a friends resume, they had 2700 hours, typed in Kingair 350 and typed in the Beechjet. They sill have not been called. I have not heard of anyone get hired with under 2500hrs.
Good luck!
Oh Well, Maybe I should just pray for war against Iraq and build the rest of my time in the tanker!
I had a friend walk my resume in and talked to someone in HR who told me to expect a call in the Apr-May timeframe.

Since then, I have seen on this forum that someone with 2000 hrs, 700 turbine, and jet time had a friend walk their resume in. The friend talked with the pilot recruiter and the guy told him with the amount of referred resumes coming in, 5000 TT is a competitive time and with less than 3000 TT, the CP would need to authorize that person coming in to interview.

With my 2200 TT and 1000 SIC B-727, I figure I'm not even competive and I have stopped waiting by the phone. I do check messages just in case someone makes a mistake. It happens, you know.

If I were you, I'd keep passing gas.
I have a slightly over 2000 hrs, 700 jet and 150 PIC Jet mostly 135 with a Westwind type, some Hawker SIC time, and King Air 200 time. After a friend at Flops walked my resume in it took about 3-4 months for E.G. to look at it and then he needed permission from the Chief Pilot to interview me since I was real low time compared to the vast majority of other applicants. The competitive applicants have over 3000 hrs and they have a lot of retired and experienced 121 and corporate jet guys to choose from.

Bottom line is it will not only take someone walking your resume in but also experience in jet equipment preferably 121 or 135,a bizjet type rating and corporate experience is another big plus as is PIC jet time.

I got the call last week but I ended up turning down the interview since I recently took a Captain job for a lot more money. However E.G.was nice enough to let me know that if I was interested in the future to give him a call back. Seem like real nice people and I wish they would have called sooner.

I was told hiring now is into the CitationJet 1, Citation II, V, Beechjet and King Air depending on what slots they have when you are hired. Upgrade to the King Air left seat is running about 6 months and jet left seat 1 1/2 yrs depending on airplane. The small cabin airplanes are the big sellers and that were most of the growth is especially the CJ1.
Hey Flydog

Congrats on the captain job. Maybe that means that I have a chance afterall. Maybe E. G. will take pity on me and call me up soon.

Who said that upgrade was 6 months on the KA? I have been seeing 2-3 years in different places - I think, on the FO bulletin board. A quick upgrade like that would be great.

Good luck in your new job.
Thanks for the input. I guess they don't care if you are already bizjet typed and fly a 707. Maybe 4 engines is not enough, and I should go smash bugs for a few thousand hours to make myself more marketable.
Or maybe Biggie it was that winning attitude that will get you called.
BIGGIE: First get 1500 hours so you can get your ATP, then least you would have the minimum requirements. As for your 707 time, I once heard a rumer that the military was trying to train monkeys to sit in the right seat, but the monkey kept falling asleep! Just kidding. If you have T1 time one would think that would be a huge +.
Good Luck

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