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Feb 24, 2005
I applied online, pretty simple. Is that the best way? I hate "copy and paste" resumes.
The best way...

Is to get your resume to Netjets right away. You will make more money faster, have better quality of life, better bennies and have job security.
Check it out.

Good luck
That was not the question that I asked. I love FI.
What is FI? The best way into FltOps is who ya know but FedMag is making a point and you are snapping back. Why do you want to even look at FltOps when NetJets is offering you so much more.

Think about your future.
He is trying to help you and prevent you from going through the pain and agony that the rest of us are going through right now.

but maybe.....judging by your comments......you will make the perfect "new flight options pilot" that they are looking for.
FI is flight info. I did not mean to be snappy. I have friends at NJA that were very vocal about the dispute there and would love to work for them, but I do not have NJA mins. I do, however, have Options mins. I just got put on the street and I am weighing my Options so to speak. Sorry if I came off a little strong. All I was getting at was that I asked a very specific question and I wanted a specific answer. One of my good friends is even ex-options, and is now at NJA. I think he made a very good move, but I am not in the position to make that same move.
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Please send in your card when you get hired, do a search and you will see all the benefits we have lost. This use to be a good place.

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