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Flight Level???

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I was told only those with PFT type ratings could go up there. I think you can get there with some of them Burt Rutan sideburns though.
Our weather - with some occasional "excursions"- occurs in the troposphere. The top of the trope varies depending on temp and a couple of other factors, from about 31K' to about 45K'. You know you're in the trope because temps tend to decrease as you get higher.

When that stops, you're getting in to the stratosphere. There is still "air" up there (sheesh!), but now the temps increase as you get higher.

Some weather can bust the trope, with enough energy, but it's not the rule.

That's your free one. From here on out you should use this cool new thing called the "internet".

Blue skies!
The highest cloud tops you are ever going to see can peak as high as 65,000 feet...but very rare, and only in supercell thunderstorms.

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