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Flight Express Questions

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Anyone know about Flight Express' 2 week training program?, Are you allowed to bid on your base or is it assigned?, Are you allowed jumpseat priviledges on Part 121? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Cessna 210

I saw a Flight Express pilot coming in to FXE yesteday showing zero airmanship or care for his equipment. He landed on 13 and came back to idle on the power at 1000 feet, he was high, hot and fast. The IO-520 can't handle that, the crankshaft gets detuned and you crack the cylinders, big time. If the pilot was working for me he wouldn't be by now. You guys all need to straighten up and fly right, people are watching. One of these days that engine will fail and it will be on one of your Buddies. It is no fun to go to a funeral, especially if you want to carry that with you the rest of your life. Take care of that engine, it is the only one you have in a 210-besides the way things are going I might be applying for a job there.
i will answer any questions the best i can. the 2 week training course is 1 week 135- reg's, and the second is flight training.
seniority is determined on your score on the final exam? after week 1(unless there is a tie, then it diverts to an age issue as in my case and i was pushed to the bottom). jumpseating--no agreements with anyone(reciprocating). i have had success with southwest prior to 9/11, but have not tried since.
back to choosing your base, it pretty much is crap shoot, but you can tell them where you want to go, and they will do the best to accomodate. i got tpa right out of training(pretty senior base), but bid out of it when a b58 run came open in cvg.

to the best of knowledge and ability to filter the rumor-mill we are hiring. if you need any other help on where to direct your resume, or who else to talk to let me know. hope this helps.
Fly Safe,

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