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Flight Express in Florida

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Has anybody here flown for these guys in florida??? How about TAmpa or Orlando??? Are they hiring now?
Anything experiences?
I don't know much about them, but i do know that we used to charter out some work through them in FL. As far as I understand they did not do so well according to our standards so we had to move some of our planes down there to take over.

I am moving to MEM next week and we share our ramp with some of their Baron guys, I can ask around for more info from them.
Flight Express

All I know is that for a couple of years every night t 11pm a Flight Express pilot would push his prop into high pitch over my house and wake the whole neighborhood up. In the last couple of weeks the guy who comes over has been real nice keeping the RPM's down till short final-a real pro-hopefully the other guy is gone or doesn't get back from vacation......
Yea those props on the 210 can be annoying in the wrong hands, from my experience, if you plan poorly thats about all that will slow you down.....I think the darn thing needs speed brakes sometimes. Or is it me? It also seems that even though the weight is the same as the Seminole it "feels" heavier....
Just throw the gear out

Just go flaps 10 then throw the gear out, just don't go below 15" or you will crack a cylinder. It is all in planning, the prop just goes forward for a go around-check hauling is such a tight schedule you guys would never go around. They should just let you "snatch" the checks at the end of the runway like a banner, it would go faster that way. Great training for a SWA pilot.
i currently am flying for flight express. was based in tpa, then a b58 run came open and moved to cincinnati. from what i hear they are hiring(atleast there is one class going through now, and one scheduled after that). i can fill you in on any other questions if you want send me a message. good luck.
Fly Safe
So you are the one

So you are the one who kept me upLOL flying out of FXE. Actually the IO-520 is music to my ears but I not sure everyone around me agree's.:D

Do you fly the Baron into MEM from cinci? Care to place a wager for tomorrows game? I say it will be a repeat... 40 something to 7? Or maybe even a bigger blowout. :)
A couple things I know about Flight Ex., they fly out of CPS in Illinois.
You usually hear these guys/gals on the frequency having some kind of engine problems frequently.
A friend of mine was an A&P at their CPS base and he told me some terrible things about their maintainance, they are kind of shady.
I don't know how they run their operation down in FL.
Good Luck!!
Yeah, I am based in CPS with AN, well I was until yesterday, now i'm headed for MEM. I hear them constantly in the morning leaving while I am coming home. I have heard nothing about engine problems, but I do know that they do not have the brightest pilots flying out of CPS. The other night one of their guys had a radio problem while number one for the runway. He was trying to get his clearance, but obviously couldn't, so instead of moving out of the way for two AN aircraft, one being myself, and another of his company, he decided to sit there for upwards of fifteen minutes delaying everyone. It is kind of hard getting a clearance from an RCO while another guy is busy blocking the frequency having troubles. Needless to say both myself and my company lear were both late to our destination thanks to a pilot who didn't consider everyone else waiting. I am sure that most of their pilots are not like this, but as PIC you need to think of other things around you as well as what you are doing.

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