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Flight Currency at Interview Time

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Jan 30, 2002
I was promised an interview with EJA, and it is expected to be within the next six months. At the mean time, I have an option to take a leave of absence from my regional carrier and make some good $$$ doing other things as a contractor.
I am somewhat concerned about the recency of flight experience or the lack there of at the time of the interview.
1. Should I be concerned about not flying for six months or so?
2. Should I try to do a little instructing while on personal leave?
3. Should I spend hard earned $ to bore holes in the sky? (no rich mommy and daddy here)
4. What did you furloughed pilots do? Did you fly?
All input would be appreciated. Thanks.
It sounds like you are (currently flying) for a regional Are you?
If so stay there and stay flying, currency is definetly looked at, especialy the quality of flying. Stay there until you get hired by the next company you whant to go to.
If not still with the regional due whatever you can to keep flying and stay current. CFIing or whatever. I would not use your own money!!!!!!!!
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I lost my job in Sept. 2001 - Midway. I instructed in CE 172s until I was hired by EJA in Dec. They asked me in the interview what I was doing to remain current. I think it is VERY important to remain current. If you have a job flying, stay with it until you are hired by someone else. This market is very competitive and leaving a flying job to be a contractor would be looked down on.

Just my thoughts!

EJA does look at currency. Think about it this way.
You are giving the interview ,and you see that a person takes a leave of absence to pursue a non flying position. You as the interviewer would have too weigh this into the formula.
Tough question with no correct answer.
Good luck.
Thanks guys and gals.
Your input is appreciated.

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