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FLiCA is now charging ASA crews

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Dec 6, 2001
I logged on this morning with no problem, however sometime today they pulled the plug. We are now being asked to "subscribe" to access the site. Good luck FLiCA, I'm not interested!
Flica (Flight Line Internet Crew Access)
We used Flica at Air wisconsin until January when our free trial period ended. Many of our pilots expressed frustration when the bid packages on Flica didn't always match the paper ones. Our union washed its hands of it and will not endorse it. We still have free access via terminals in our crew rooms but if you want off-site access, you pay the $10. Not worth it to me since it always seemed to be screwed up! $10 per pilot and F/A per month, is a lot of cash. Their making a fortune if you ask me!


Hey I got the same result at home. I logged in to FLICA and I was told that if I want to conitnue using it at home, I have to pay. I am very dissapointed at FLICA for coming up with such a ridiculous statement in charging ASA Pilots and F/A.


Is FLICA an outside firm that facilitates the scheduling softare. If this is true then would I be correct in assuming the monthly fee DOES NOT go to ASA/DELTA.
Build your own

At ACA we have one very talented pilot who has built a beautifully simple and functional web site which links into our crew scheduling software. It started out small but has become quite powerful. It does bidding, trip trading, reserve bucket viewing, online time cards and crew messaging to payroll, scheduling and human resources. It is also evolving quickly with pilot imput. It is amazing to write a typical pilot suggestion (whiney complaint) on a message board and see an improvement to the softwre based on that complaint the next day. It can be accessed using any internet connection without cost. Pilots are generally computer savvy people and from the few guys I know at ASA you guys have more than enough talent. Don't buy or copy something that does not fit your needs. build something that fits your pilot groups needs.

(and yes flica tried to hire our pilot away but thank god he said NO.)

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