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FlexJet ?

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Its just a vintage VW
Nov 25, 2001
How does Flex stand up to the other fracs?

How is the pay and schedules compare.

Any other info would be appreciated.

Good question,
It seems like Flex Jet is a huge mystery! Very little info on this company and, no one seems to want to talk about them.
Is there any one on this board that works for them that would be willing to shed some light on this company, please?
We all have an excellent picture of EJA, would some one provide the same type of usful info on the folks at Flex?
It would be greatly appreciated by myself and many others i'm sure.

Regards Mickey;)
"inside scoop"

I do not work for Flexjet, however, my husband does. Any info you want I can probably supply you with. I also know that there are other Flex pilots that subscribe to this board, however, they may be reluctant to respond since Flex is struggling right now.

The pay question is easy. FO's start out around 34,000 however, gone are the days of upgrading to captain in less than 12 months. Flex now has some 3 year FO's. The lack of upgrades and very slow/if non existant hiring since 2001 is a major source of contention within the employee ranks. If you ask the company they say all aviation has been hit by 9/11, however, if we have 3 year fO's this has been going on long before 9/11 (just for the record my husband is a captain, and I definately simpathize with the FO's). Once upgraded to captain they start at around 54,000 not including OT. The company recently sent a letter stating that there would be no raises this year because of profits (very encouraging). People who move up in seniority still get the raise for seniority but the "usual" yearly salary review and inflation increase won't happen this year. Also, we were told we weren't getting any profit sharing for 2001 (I think that's what they call it). In previous years we'd get a nice little check around Mayish, but not now. The company also claims they are being more fiscally sound in their crewing of airplanes, which is why they say they aren't doing much hiring. I can't remember the crew ratio to airplane but it is considerably down and you can get OT at anytime now, which is nice.

In spite of these problems my husband loves flying these airplanes and for the most part likes his job, excluding the days gone and some of the company's lack of employee interest. Southwest they are not! Most pilots like their jobs, but it is tough for the FO's, especially those with families, to not move up in pay and responsibility. There is definately a contigent out there that is very disgruntled. But as my husband says, he's still flying a lear (not a citation - sorry to those citation people, but that's what he says).

Any other questions, let me know.
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I have a couple q's.

WHat is the domicile situation like, i.e. commuting etc.

Type of schedules.

You know the usual stuff.

Also that was great info from your last post, thanks, it about the most I have heard about this company from any one person.

You other Flexjet guy, don't be bashfull.

Right now we only have 3 gateways DFW, FLL & Teterboro (not sure the identifier). This is another big contentious subject. There is a push by many pilots to add more gateways. The company says its not cost effective at the time. Pilots think it should be more cost effective versus airlining pilots all over, but they are standing firm now. There was company talk pre 9/11 on opening Denver and a West Coast site (San Diego or San Fran. I can't remember which one) but that's been postponed indefinitely.

The schedule used to be a basic 6/4 or 7/3 bid situation. But in the last 2 months the company launched a new bid system, that doesn't seem to have all the bugs worked out yet. The theory is that you can bid whatever you want with a minimum of 15 work days a bid period and a max of 19 (I think) and then the bids are awarded according to seniority. From what I have read at the company website (employee only site) it seems that is not working. A lot of people haven't gotten their bids. So I don't know what to tell you exactly.

The company certainly doesn't reflect the growth seen by EJA or Flight Options (or whatever they are called now). The reports given by management reflect a serious concern for fiscal responsibility, which is good, but when other fractionals are growing so much and Flex seems stagnant it is worrisome. The management says that we are increasing in owners, but we don't have near the hiring rate that EJA has. It does worry the pilots, but the company says it's not always good to be like the other companies - only time will tell.

If you are looking for a lear frac job, you could also consider Avolar. The people that have posted on here that work for them seem very happy with the place - however - Avolar has ordered the Lear 45 & 60 and as I recall you showed a type in the 35/55. I don't know if they are taking on people that will need the type or not. I think your type now would work in our 31 fleet, but that fleet is diminishing and the 45 is growing. Our company will hire you without type, but you will have to sign a 2 year training contract. (BTW our fleet is 31a, 45, 60, challenger - with Global Express and continental in our future)
Fractional info

I know there is a web site that gives you all the fractional information i.e. pay scales, benefits, etc. I have seen it before although this time around I was unable to find it. Maybe some else will be able to pass on the info.
You Asked for it..

I am one of the individuals who was laid off from flex, post 9-11 or 10-04. I am not going to blast the company, the facts will speak for themselves.
Pay is not a big deal, especially those of us who came from the commuters. So for me flexjet gave me a big raise. If you can't live off of thirty thousand in change what makes you think you can live off of fifty thousand in change. Whether you have a family or not.
Schedules consist of a biding system; seniority determines whether you get your 17 day pay salary or not. Since you have no guarantee. My initial schedule 6 and 4, then the company mandated a 7 and 3; finally I chose 5 and 4 since I spent to much time in the hotel room. Yes we broke down quite often. Since there is no union and contract the company can make you fly or be on duty at their will. Like my 7 and 3 which lasted nearly 3 months. Many people will tell there is a contract, the ops specs., but believe me there is no honor.
Morale is non-existant. Pilots will hang you out to dry. Since everyone is so interested in upgrade. Especially getting to the Challenger. The flight crews in general are terrific. However some have never had a pic job before and exhibit no leadership and decision making capabilities. Most people at flex are misserable and are looking to bail out.
Changing jobs is a serious matter. Especially if it involves your family. Look at flexjets financial history, management and pilot relationship ( why were pilots terminated for trying to put a union in to better the quality of life for everyone else), and growth which is negative. When I was hired there were more than 400 + when I left well try 300 in change. Domiciles and either dal, fll, teb.

Advice if you care to take. EJA is the place to be if you choose the fractional industry. You can live where you want, upgrades are held right out of training, you have a union, and most of all everyone loves being there. When I was laid off from flex, I asked what my seniority means; and you can figure out what they said. One more thing texas is the right to work state. So what is the whole point of seniority. And if your wondering what type of employee was I. Your probably asking they used the nine eleven to weed the bad apples. Well I never called in sick, I always came to work on time and commited to work extra hours, and even sold an airplane, which I received a model plane.

I know those of you at flex are going to praise your co. Explain to everyone why there is such a high attrition rate among fo and ca.

If you want more dirt,, send me a private email. I hope you make the right choice. They have called some of us back to work. Who in their right mind would go back to the crisis management center.
The beatings will continue until the moral improves!!!!

kind of fitting........
Thanks guys, this is the info I have been looking for.

Is it true though, that the upgrades are about 2-3 yrs?

Also, is everybody back that was furloughed?

And yes, they are making phone calls for interviews.

What to do, what to do.


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