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Flexjet Organizational Committee

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Big Stick

Dec 11, 2005
Attention Flexjet Pilots. Please go to www.ibt1108.org. Click on the Frac pilot drop box and explore. Also on the same site click on NJA Pilots/Info for New Hires/ New TA , and read the entire document. You will be hearing from us. Pass it on.

Happy Holidays
Where would you rather be? Flexjet, Flops, or NJA?

I would rather be NJA EVEN under our last contract...

I am not sure what your post is supposed to mean. Delta and United would still be the place to be if it were not for Osama bin LaidOff.

I can only guess its another nonsensical slap at Unions. However let me point out that THE Most Profitable airline is Southwest... and it is highly unionized. Maybe we should BLAME their success on the Unions?
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miles otoole said:
And NJA is the DAL/UAL of 2001. Look where DAL/UAL are now.

Do you really thing the pax at NJ , Flex, Flight Opts and citation share will go and stand in lines with auntie May so Goober and Barney can search for nail files.

Our pax catering costs more than most SouthWest flights.

If they worried about money they would not be flying alone in a Citation X across the country to go skiing.
The NJA business model is different from the airlines. Like this is news but someone always brings it up "The big airline fall" The salaries are coming from the monthly mgt fees the owners pay. They pay these fees each month if they fly or not. The company is not hoping on filling every seat as an airline does. The owners have no where elso to go as fractional is flat out cheaper than owning your own aircraft. From what I hear the owners had the mgt fees raised by 4%. Do you really think the owners care about 4%? If they were counting coins that hard they would still be standing in line and proud to be a delta elite member instead of kicking back in a nice comfortable chair already half way to their destination. Congrats to the NJA guys and thier IBT1108. Now instead of hearing tired and weary netjet crews complaining there is silence. They now talk about how to spend that FAT bonus check they all got. Now its the FLOPS guys walking that old path. But, dont worry-they are close and will be joining hands with the 1108 soon. Expect Flex or whatever is left of it soon.
Whoa there Galaxy,

You are correct that the fractional business model is completely different from the airlines. However, fractional owners are in the programs because of liability concerns, predictability of expense, corporate public image, and most of all: CONVENIENCE. Any objective analysis proves beyond any doubt that block charter for fewer than 150 flight hours a year and whole aircraft ownership beyond that is CHEAPER than a fractional share. Most everyone who shills for a fractional fails to include the difference between original purchase price and the end-of-contract buy back price in the total cost of the five year contract.

A good flight department manager, with the help of the owner's attorney and accountant will generate a lower cost per flight hour after five years and they still own the airplane five years later.

Fractional ownership is still a viable business model but because of reasons other than money. While the cost sensitivity of a typical fractional owner is pretty low, that doesn't mean there is an endless amount of money a frax owner is willing to pay.

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