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Fireblocking under Part 135

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Well-known member
Feb 17, 2005
I have an aircraft that I'm trying to get through a 135 conformity check. It suposedly had a fireblocked interior installed a few years ago, but the owner of the airplane at that time did not pay the shop and so they didn't put the work in the logbooks.

The owner of an interior shop told me when an airplane gets a fireblocked interior installed, there is a fireblocking project number assigned and the DER report is sent with the tests to the FAA. Does anybody know where ths paperwork is filed?

The shop that did the work has offered to get me the signoffs, for a price, but before I give them any money I would like to verify from the feds the work was actually done legally at some point. The seats don't have any tags on them, which makes me think it may not have been a completely legal job.

Any ideas on how I could verify this?
For the 135 conformity there must be a label affixed to the seats that state where the work was done and that it meets 25.853 part a and c. Further, you must have all the paperwork 8110 for the material and 8130 for the full composite burn (part C). Without these items I don't see how you can conform the airplane. Further, the company that did the work had to provide this information at the time the aircraft was returned to service as part of the sign off. If you don't have them I would also assume it wasn't a "legal" install. If you have to have the aircraft redone I can provide you some reputable places that I've used in the past that always did a great job at a reasonable price.
If you feel up to the footwork, you can go back to the facility that did the work and request all of the associated paperwork in their workorder (including the outside vendors work) Of course it will require some $$$. You might be able to compile enough paperwork to satisfy the FISDO.
Good luck.


Have a new interior done...IM me and I will get you a hook up.
sorry to hyjack a thread - but are newer a/c delivered fireblocked? If so, is there a year that started it? I have heard that only the seats and carpet need burn certs. Is this true?
Thanks for the useful information.

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