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Finally Graduated

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Apr 23, 2005
Well today I finally graduated college!!! Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Aviation Science. Sometimes it felt like this day would never come and finally it did. Now I can start piecing together a resume. While I can't obviously apply at an airline there are a few other aviation related companies I wouldn't mind trying to get in with.
Certainly an epochal moment in your life...good luck and congratulations! :)
Congrats. I'd suggest getting a bunch of official transcripts, you'll need them in the future and they can be a pain to get when school is out. I ordered 10 when I graduated.
ToiletDuck said:
Yea I know they are lol. They weren't when I started though hehehe.
Education past high school is a good thing...what you do with it is up to you.
Me too....(but last week)

Congrats to you! I finished mine last week. Talk about a load off the old shoulders. :eek:


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