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New member
Feb 26, 2002
I'm lucky enough to have a interview with FedEx next month. Does anyone have any gouge information or advice? :D
So as not to repeat the same stuff, see the posting "FedEx interview prep" on page 2 or 3, there's some good info there. Also search this forum for same, lots posted prior. The willflyforfood site always had great gouge but I haven't been there lately. I also read the prep book "mental math for pilots", good practice for shortcuts & tips on typical test questions.

As for advice, the sim prep may not be absolutely necessary, especially if you're flying a lot, you'll have to judge for yourself IRT your experience. It can't hurt though because you must pass the simulator to get to the interview. Obviously, think through all your "stories" well beforehand. At the interview itself, just try to relax and most importantly, be yourself. They will see right through canned answers and "borrowed" stories so be honest, confident and sure of yourself and your abilities. Normally it's a 2v1 with 2 line Captains. Personally I found the interview extremely professional, on the mark (pilot-to-pilot, not a lot of BS) and an overall great experience. Good luck, hope to see you in MEM!
Not Hired

Interviewed but not hired. Only picked up 2 of 6 in my interview class. We lost one in the sim and I have no idea what they shot 3 of us for. Pretty frustrated right now. Good luck to any going down there. Doesn't seem like they are playing like they were last year.
I recently interviewed and was fortunate to get the job!
There were 6 of us at the sim and we all made it back the next day. So far, I know 4 of us got the call. I really hope they take all 6 of us -- it was a great group.

The gouge you will find on this board as well as will fly for food is all great. Others on this board -- Goose, profile, and many others were very helpful to me -- many thanks to all of them for taking the time to respond -- I hope my info helps as well....

No surprises in the sim -- very straightforward. I used Pan Am in MIA for sim prep and am sooo glad I did. It was invaluable for me to get the feel of the heavy. Once those nerves kick in as you climb into the seat for your session and knowing your entire career is dependent on the next 30 minutes -- well I was glad I did the prep. Just fly your seat -- keep correcting if necessary and verbalize all the time. It's over before you know it!

I used checklist for success for interview prep. Also did airinc phone session and listened to the recorded tape they have. Recorded tape is excellent for gouge! Phone prep was not impressive -- same as is in checklist for success -- I'm sure it didn't hurt, though. I had done an interview prep before my United interview and this was similar -- if this is your first interview and you are unsure of how well you interview, a prep may be helpful, although the guys at fedex are so comfortable during the process -- not intimidating at all -- very relaxing.

I also used airinc's airline written test prep book, ocs prep book, flight aptitude prep book, LSAT prep and GRE prep.... the tests were miserable -- I felt like a complete idiot, even with all of the studying I did! Again -- lots of great gouge on the airinc recorded tape that will shed light on types of questions to expect. There were a few exact questions -- it definitely helped me get some correct for sure.

Everyone at fedex was great. A couple of the interviewers even sat with us at lunch. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Just be yourself -- I think they really just want to get to know your personality.

Congrats and best of luck! You'll do great. See you in Memphis!

Highly recommend Rob Beeks. He specializes in SWA, but all that SAR stuff works great at Fedex. Best $250 / 4 hour of phone $ex I' ve paid for!

[email protected]

No he doesn't pay me!
save your money and time


I'll say it again. There is no way you can study enough to significantly change your score on the tests! Everyone feels like they completely fail the tests - they are designed that way! If people make it through the sim during the interview process and are subsequently told they didn't make the cut, the reason given is normally the tests.

After all, you have to give them SOME reason!

Focus your time on your logbook, stories and deep thoughts!

Goose17 (by the way, life is good on the inside)
You can Prepare! But......

There is a lot of "gouge" out there, particulary for the science stuff. Also there some basic rules you can apply with syllogism (logic stuff). Not much you can do for the math and graph reading parts except be as quick as you can without sacrificing accuracy.

Follow the Directions - They tell you not to guess!


It is much better to be accurate on what you do answer. I only answered 7 out 30 or 40 on the Vocab, and got hired.

Good Luck!

PS contrary to popular belief, the sim is not pass/fail. You are scored, and that score goes into a composite. If you do so poorly on the sim, you will not continue. What I'm getting at is that doing well on the sim is important, not just passing it. The profile is the same as it's been for the last ten years. Learn it, practice it in whatever you can, even if it's just Microsoft flight sim. They are looking for a good basic instrument scan, and that you are making corrections.

Good Luck!
To address Dark Cloud;s question --- needing all of those books for the tests?? Like I said -- even with all of the studying - I still felt like an idiot. I agree with Goose -- the studying will not significantly change your score -- I just felt it necessary for myself to do all I could. I think the single most helpful resource was the recorded tape from airinc.

The LSAT prep and GRE prep I have on CD by kaplan and are both interactive and great -- picked them up on a fluke at a tj maxx -- they came in a kit and were cheap and thought why not.... the lsat was great for syllogisms and the gre was great for the math (just know order of operations) and vocabulary. I would not have gone out and purchased them otherwise....

The ocs and flight aptitide were suggested as study tools by a couple of my fedex buds -- the ocs was helpful for the science portion -- a lot of the same in the flight aptitude....

Again -- concentrate on your history and story telling and doing well in the interviews and of course the sim. They'll even tell you once you are there not to worry about the tests...

Good luck!

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