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FedEx Walk Through

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I will on the 1st date
Jan 6, 2005
How many current FedEx pilots did the "Grip-n-Grin" before getting called for an interview? Civilian or Military? How long to get the call?
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From what I have heard, your availability date plays a big factor in when you get called. What were your availability dates in relation to when you got the call?
The timing has been fluctuating wildly lately. One year ago guys were walking in and getting called for the interview a month later. Then we went on the steroid-induced hiring binge, but apparantly the 'people to call' pool got pretty large. My buddy did the G&G the first week of April and finally got called for the interview at the end of August. He interviewed the first week of September and starts.....well, today, technically. It seems like the HR dept may be getting over 'the hump' of spring, but there was that e-mail from the ACPs about a month ago that said to not bring anyone new in for the grip and grin for the next 2 months.....we have all the bodies we need. Bottom line for any FDX hopefuls....you NEED to have a FedEx pilot sponsor you, which will most likely entail a trip to Memphis (or LAX/ANC) to meet the ACP that you are working with. Once you do this, expect to wait (at this time) at least a few months before you get called for an interview. However, the interview to class times have been extremely short recently; sometimes inside of two weeks. So when you get the call, be ready to come to Memphis! Good luck to all....
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In reference to the whole process at FedEx, could anyone explain the sponser thing and what is an ACP? So the inside track in basically the ony way to get an interview? Thanks fo the info....
ACP= assistant chief pilot. According to one of my instructors last week there will be one more class in Nov and one in Dec, that is it for this year. Don't know if that is for sure, but it is all I have heard. My guess is they will start back up to 30 a month after the new year, and I wouldn't think they would do interviews in Nov or Dec, but that too is just a SWAG.

The last word from my ACP was that the grip and grins were pretty much done for the year as well, again to start up again after the first of the year I would think.

Right now you do need to have a sponsor go to bat for you in order to get into the call to interview pile. Just the way it is right now, don't know if it will change next year or not.


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