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Fedex Seat bid. Fedex A300/310 vs Md-11

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Well-known member
Apr 13, 2005
With the practice bid closing tomorrow, how about a little pro, con on bidding MEM FO on the Maddog vs. the Bus. I think I can hold either one, but I keep changing my mind. Here is my list so far....

Maddog Pro: Overseas, varied flying. Fewer hub turns in the Bid Pack, plenty of D/H money for commuting. Flexibility of MD-10 domestic flying and MD-11 int'l flying in same bid pack. All glass, better FMS. Not built in France. 3 engines.

Maddog Con: Long trips. Possibly tougher/longer training program. Will be flying domestic MD-10 while junior. RFO trips.

Bus Pros: Shorter Trips. Fair amount of D/H trips in the bid packs. Round dials mixed w/glass. Supposedly, training not as tough/long as the MD. AQP implemented (checkrides spread across multiple events). Maybe more growth potential with recently announced a/c buys outpacing the MD buys.

Bus Cons: Still hub turning. FMS is less user friendly. SIBA goes very senior. 2 engines.

Let the banter begin...thanks.
Wear and tear on the body is something you have to give a lot of consideration. RFO trips are almost like free money/paid vacations IMHO. I am on the MD in LA so I can't speak for the Bus but it seems like the Bus bid pack would have more options, again just an opinion. Training is training...if you set your mind to it and take it serious it really doesn't matter which airplane its for.

Bid what you want to fly...Do you really want to fly the Airbus or the MadDog??
Yeah, I was a little surprised to see RFO trips in your "con" column. Little work, lots of pay, and lots of travel to see the sites. I guess the con is trying to get in your landings.

I wouldn't even consider the FMS in your decision! Kind of lame. They are close enough to each other, and if anything, the old MD's FMS is worse. The MD's are getting the Pegasus data base, that will make all the difference. It is all what you had been used to in another life. If you knew nothing before, either one will totally confuse you at first anyway.

The training program for the MD is a little longer- 64 days (including days off), or 39 working days from start. But it is a good program. If anyone else tells you anything different, they didn't go thru the program in the last 9 months, and don't know what they are talking about. Oops, wait- will you be senior to me? The never mind! Bid the bus!

The bus has the EU SIBA.... but until when? I KNOW the MD will go to CDG, Asia, and all that. But no way to tell about the bus- it may change. Oh, when they open the new hub in China, it will be an MD-10 hub.

You also said the "bus pro" was the round dials mixed with glass. I personally like the small scan area of the MD with all glass, and the speed tape and altitude tape. It is all right there. It is easy to transition to. Unless you are 57 or older and can't get the hang of anything computerized! Just kidding, guys!

The only thing I see about having 3 engines, over 2, is having to do two engines out in the sim. More maneuvers! Seriously, shouldn't be a big factor, considering where we fly our buses.

Good luck with the decision. No worries if you choose wrong, you are only stuck for 2 years.... just teasing, I don't think there is a "wrong" choice here.
Congrats on having nice choices!

Ninerfan said:
Maddog vs. the Bus. I think I can hold either one

How long have you been at FedEx?

Any more rumors that new hires will go directly to the widebodies?

I chose the airbus for two reasons:

1. I did the international flying in the KC-10, and even an easy 12 hour flight where you sleep 6 hours still kicked my a$$ with time zone changes. I hated getting back home and having two days to get back to normal.

2. Most importantly, I don't want to be in a metal tube for 10+ hours or half way around the world when something goes wrong at home.

I know the MD-10 is domestic and it goes junior. But reserve is reserve, and if your bid reserve like I do to get additional time at home, your chances or going to china are good.

As for the Bus....its a nice, quiet, comfortable plane to fly. It has tons of power and is a forgiving.

For those new hires:

All but 40 of 387 Airbus F/O's can hold 727 Captain.
140 Airbus F/O's can hold Bus Capt.

That means 90 percent of the Bus F/O are passing up 40K a year to be in the Airbus instead of being a boeing captain.....translation....SENIOR.

I say this only as fair warning that getting that bus seat 3 months after being hired might be optimistic....but still bid it...you never know.
On the last bid, I was ~ 60 from the bottom on the Mighty Dog, and like 6 from the bottom on the Bus. It is definitely the senior ride, unless we keep buying them....
...if you go to the Bus or the -10/11 you have to actually leave your seat and do stuff. Sometimes, when its cold, you even get de-ice goo on your shoes or hydraulic or oil fluid on your shirt. You have to print out paper off ACARS and take it in to coordination desk at the end of a trip. You have to go look at HAZ. Nobody is there to grab your catering for you or wrap your water bottle. Thanks...I'll stick with being a dinosaur for another bid or two. Now...where was that window heat switch again? (I'm being a bit saracstic here, but my point is even the 727 FO seat has a lot of senior guys camped out.) Also...about 120 or so 727 FOs could hold 727 captain. Again...lots of folks bid Q of life factors over dollars here. If you want a widebody shoot for the moon...it just might happen.
FedEx1 said:
Good luck with the decision. No worries if you choose wrong, you are only stuck for 2 years.... just teasing, I don't think there is a "wrong" choice here.
If memory serves, the lateral/down bid restriction is just 18 months. Then, once you DO make the lateral or downward move, there's a 2 year freeze.

I think the MD-11 stinks. It's got lousy schedules, the airplane is full of problems, and the training program is the pits. The instructors are a bunch of lazy prima donnas that couldn't teach a cat to land on his feet. They've got a bust rate around 80%, and I heard 4 guys lost their jobs over training failures over there. Besides, have you looked at the safety record of that thing?!?! I mean, how many hull losses do we hafta have to convince you it's a death tube?!?!? I think the best way to go is DEFINITELY the Airbus. Nice jet, great schedules, easy program - - piece of cake.

[If you're junior to me, disregard the above paragraph. ;)]


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