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Active member
Jan 16, 2002
FedEx online profile users fm before the last window closer should take a close look at their profile!!

2 new items on the profile that I hadn't noticed before today.

Not sure how long they've been there, and whether or not their discriminators to keep a profile fm generating an "interview selection".

Pg one has a new question about residency status.

Later page has a question about furlough status.

Thanks / Whats Next

Thanks for the heads up. That wasn't on the profile in the beginning of the month when I usually update my stuff (like I've been since Aug. 2000 with no dice).

I thought that the app window closing would help me as I just hit the 1000 turb. pic. mark and my app has been in there for what seems like forever. I think it's some kind of curse that hangs around U wholly owned pilots. O well back to the drawing boards. Happy to have a job I guess.

Happy Flying
If FedEx is such a great place, why the concern that furloughed pilots will bolt at their first opportunity. Maybe because most (not all mind you) hate the FedEx flying schedule. Once the passenger carriers start hiring again, the exodus from FedEx will resume anyway.

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