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Fedex car parking for offline Jumpseaters


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Mar 26, 2005
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Could some Fedex pilots please help me with this one- Is parking available at the Fedex outstations so that you could leave your car there for a few days?

How early should you be there before a flight and what is the procedure for getting security screened?


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Oct 31, 2002
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Parking is probably a case by case basis and depends on the station you are flying out of. Some will and some won't. You will have to call the ramp office to find out since there is not a single answer to this one.

As far as time and security; you need to allow extra time for this. Again, the security procedures will vary greatly depending on the location. IND will x-ray and wand you like the pax terminal TSA folks do. Others will do a physical search of your bags and wand/pat your person. A call to the ramp will answer this as well.

Here is the general info right off the pilot website: (note the highlighted portions)

General Info
Jumpseat - FedEx Reciprocal Cockpit Offline Jumpseat (OJS) Guidelines

1. FedEx Express has two types of seating in its jumpseat system. One is the actual jumpseats located in the cockpit area (cockpit jumpseat). The second is the cabin seating area on most of the wide-body aircraft (cabin jumpseat). CASS participation is a requirement to occupy a seat in either area at FedEx Express. Also, FedEx requires CASS to provide both the picture and passport number of the OJS.

2. Only FAA certificated pilots and flight engineers will be eligible to utilize FedEx Express jumpseats. These crewmembers must be in an active status, i.e., not retired, furloughed, on a leave of absence, or in a sick or disability status.

3. Jumpseat travel is subject to all applicable FAR's, SD’s and FedEx Express company regulations.

4. Offline jumpseating is only available on flight legs within the 50 states, i.e., CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii.

5. Only FedEx Jumpseat Administration has the authority to book an offline crewmember on a jumpseat. A reservation may be made 24 hours in advance of scheduled flight departure time. A reservation is required no later than 2 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. There will be no walk-up jumpseat availability. The offline jumpseat reservation number is available 24/7 and is 1-866-357-5711. Required information will be airline, name, employee number and passport number.

6. If an OJS elects not to use a booked jumpseat, they are requested to cancel the seat using the same telephone number.

7. The reservationist will provide an address where the OJS should report at least one and one-half hours (90 minutes) prior to scheduled departure. When arriving, he should identify himself as an “offline pilot jumpseating”. He will be escorted to the proper area.

8. If the OJS does not have a reservation, ramp access will be denied. If the OJS is an FFDO and has his NDB in his possession, he must present his FFDO credentials. Otherwise, he will be denied access and his reservation cancelled.

9. A jumpseat-certified ramp agent of the departing ramp is tasked with verification of identification of the OJS and check-in of the off-line jumpseater. If any of the CASS information does not match that of the OJS (ID card, CASS picture, passport number and expiration date), they will be denied access and boarding. The Captain will also verify the identification information and ensure the proper compliance with FAR, SD and FedEx regulations. Required identification is company ID card, passport and FAA Airman and medical certificates. Passport and medical must be current.

10. CASS picture function must be available at the time of the reservation. If CASS picture capability is down at time of check-in, the following two options exist”.
  1. The CASS crewmember is denied access to the jumpseat.
  2. The passport function of CASS must be available. The Ramp Agent then calls Jumpseat Administration in Memphis, who will contact the airline directly and verify employment of the OJS crewmember. If time does not permit this, he shall be denied boarding.
11. All OJS riders and their luggage will be screened IAW with TSA and FedEx Security requirements. This may include magnetometer screening, personal hand-wanding or pat-down, and luggage X-rayed or physically searched. An OJS must be familiar with TSA prohibited and restricted items which may not be carried onto an aircraft. Additionally, all jumpseaters will be sequestered prior to departure time and escorted to the aircraft at the proper time for the briefing required for all jumpseaters. FFDO’s must retain their NDB but all of their other luggage will be searched. There are no FFDO storage facilities at any FedEx location.

12. All OJS riders will be booked into a cockpit jumpseat, but they may occupy a cabin jumpseat if available at block-out time. All OJS cockpit jumpseats will be at the discretion of the Captain.

13. Jumpseat Administration, in conjunction with the Duty Officer, will resolve all OJS boarding conflicts and problems.

14. OJS travel is restricted to personal use.

15. Each person using this privilege must observe strict professional conduct and decorum. FedEx ramps are generally very busy, there are few amenities, and all boarding requires outside exposure (there are no jetways). FedEx ramps require safe and reasonable dress policy. Appropriate footwear and attire are required to ride the jumpseat. Appropriate dress allows for casual attire such as athletic shoes and blue jeans. Inappropriate clothing, such as t-shirts, shorts, high heel shoes and sandals, will result in denial of the jumpseat. No one is permitted to travel with facial hair other than a moustache.

16. Carry-on luggage will be limited to what may be carried by the OJS in one trip up a crew boarding stairs. No TSA prohibited items are allowed.

17. FAR 121 Sterile Cockpit procedures must be rigidly observed and all instructions/directions of the Captain complied with.

18. Report problems or issues to Jumpseat Administration at (866) 357-5711.

19. Each ramp at FedEx is unique. Escort and check-in procedures will vary by location and local airport regulations. Additionally, cargo carriers have separate and different TSA/FAA requirements for jumpseat security from passenger airlines. It is recommended you arrive early at the departing ramp and be flexible in your traveling arrangements.