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FedEX Calling Air Force Guys?

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Mar 1, 2002
Is there any truth to the rumor that FedEx is not even bothering to call Air Force guys because of Stop-Loss?
As of last month they were still calling USAF pilots, no idea on this latest round of interviews.
Can't say I'd blame them if they weren't, they've already got a pretty big pool of us stuck in purgatory.

Good luck,
Might be worth having your "sponsors" walk through hiring office if you are one of lucky ones with Stop loss wiaver approval. (See Shooters post on mil transition). Contact your buddies ASAP when you get your "get out of jail" letter.
Question about post 9/11 interview calls

Wanted to spin-off another question in regards to military guys getting called. Just trying to get a ballpark timeline from availability date to interview call. I know that in this environment a call is very hard to get and that every person is different, but for those of you that got the interview call how long after your availability date did it arrive?

Thanks in advance

PS - Profile submitted 1/01, available 4/02, 3 recs, National Guard so stop-loss isn't a factor (got out with 2 weeks to spare!)
Does FedEx call many non-military pilots? Some airlines don't seem to have a preference, others are definitely slanted one way or the other.

Believe me, I don't want to start another tired old military versus civilian thread. I'm just trying to find out if there's a chance I'll be called. Only guy I know at FedEx was a guy I flew once with at the commuters six years ago. Getting a reference would probably be pretty hard.

Anyway, for you guys going in for interviews, what's the makeup of the interview groups?
Interview group

My Interview group last Oct. was 3 military, 2 civilian, 1 both. The bigger thing is the strong LOR's. They are a must have these days!

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