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Fa's ignoring Non Revs

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saab fixr

professioanl speal kecker
Mar 17, 2005
I just wanted to rant about a flight i took last night from IAD to SAT on mesa and couldnt believe that i sat there for over 3 hours and the male flight attendant totaly ignored me by not offering me at least a drink. I have never had a flight that this has happened not even mainline. I guess most would say why didnt i speak up? and what have your name taken and have flight bennies taken away? Not happening! I have learned with all the crap in the regionals shut the hell up and sit there, hurry home and post this on the board. :angryfire
I suppose i could have hid my CHQ badge when i entered the plane and got one of those great free meal boxes (Yuck) but to not even ask if i would like something to drink is atleast to say BS. I know who this guy is and will have no problem reporting him to the proper person when i get back to IAD and cant help but wonder is this the way we in the industry should treat eachother?
And whats the problem hell united pays for the stuff anyway !! For this guy to think this is cool to act like this sucks!!! The final straw was when i sat there in first class and saw the other flight attendant bring an empty food box from the back to the trash and couldnt help but wonder if she enjoyed the freebie,But then again she had to wash it down with a full can of pepsi!! Thanks alot, now i know where i stand, ill bring my own food and refreshments next time..
I've had it happen the other way too on flights. F/A's offering me the "World". Could not say enough about them. I've had more Good F/A's than Bad F/A's while Non-Rev'ing. It is always the "Bad" that is posted and not the "Good".
You answered the question yourself. Just go back through and you'll see the word MESA
You sat in first class, quit complaining. Did you introduce yourself to the f/a's BEFORE taking a seat? Did you make sure it was ok with them that you sat up there? (Nice to acknowledge them, even if someone else assigned you the seat.) The back is their territory.

And unless you were in unifrom, your badge should not have been on anyway. (If you were jumpseating, all the more reason to ask about the seat and introduce yourself. Once you had it out for the captain to see, you should have put it away.) If you were on a non-rev ticket, you shouldn't have been wearing your badge. There were paying passengers on the flight that didn't get to upgrade to first class for free- so it is sometimes considered a little rude to let it be known you are an airline employee sitting up front.
Personally I have only had one bad experience with a FA when non-reving, and I was in the jumpseat on that flight. It was on mainline, and I think she just decided that she didn't like me as soon as she saw me (not the first time a woman has decided that:). Other than that one time, I have had nothing but great experiences on both mainline and the connections. Of course I normally non-rev in uniform in case I have to ride up front, and that may make a difference, but either way, I have always had great experiences.
I had one FA walk right by me during the drink service while non-reving on ASA. Not sure if it was on purpose, but it kinda ticked me off. Not because I didn't get my little drinkie-winkie, but because it was pretty rude and unprofessional (if she did it intentionally).
I jumpseated on UAL yesterday from LAX to HNL, and had an absolutely great experience. The flight crew, FA's, and even the gate agent were so helpful, that it almost made me feel guilty about paying nothing for a ride that most people were paying a cool grand for. I know, we've all had bad experiences non-reving, but in my experience, the good far outweighs the bad. Actually, the day before my flight to HNL, I jumpseated on Express Jet from Norfolk to Newark, and on CAL from EWR to LAX, and the crews on those planes were top notch as well. I'm pretty much happy as long as I can get a seat.
I have always had good experiences too. A couple of times i got first class and did feel a little guilty, but won't stop me from accepting it again.

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