FAPA playing chess, SWAPA/SWA playing checkers


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Apr 16, 2004
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I suspect FAPA has a distorted sense of how complex this deal is. SWA has always been simple and straightforward. As an example, look at their financial filings, and compare them to UAL or AMR.

The idea that posturing and strategizing for Bond MCcaskill down the road is folly. If SWA says they want labor peace or no deal, this isn't rocket science to know what they want.

FAPA might be getting legal advice that tells the president that he should play brinkmanship. It would be smarter to take the Dallas boys at face value. There is a long history of SWA not bowing to pressure. SWA pulled out if both SFO and DEN in the past, when everyone thought they were bluffing.

If you're a FAPA member, I would see what it takes to send in a SWAPA card and align yourselves with the good fate. The bad fate looks like RJs at 1/3 the pay.