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Family life

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Well-known member
Aug 30, 2005
Any advice on balancing a career in aviation and a family. Such as how do you seperate the two or give both priority without hurting the other?
i work for an airline and the family life is great. I dont commute though. I live 20 mins from my base. I avg 14 days off a month in which i spend all day with my wife and son. Its what you make of it.

Good luck. no job is worth your family though.
When you are home, be home. By that I mean don't walk in the door and grab the golf sticks.
I like to take care of stuff like haircuts, balancing the checkbook, taxes, (OK an occasional golf game too)and whatever misc. stuff I can do in the hotel room or on the road so when I get home I can give much more attention to those who mean alot more than airplanes.

Just $.02 from a Corporate pilot
family is with you for life, the job is just a job. Be careful which one you choose to be priority.

the "job" will replace you in a millisecond and nobody will loose any sleep over it

Satpak77,sidesaddle, and Av8rPHX gave excellent advise. I tried the airline thing for a little while, but I could start to see where all of the commuting and time away from home was taking my marriage. I sure it can be done, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do it. At our airline the HR people told us that their "average" pilot had been married 2.7 times. I could see why.

The only counsel that I could add to what has already been given is to remember that there is nothing that can compensate for failure in the home. No job or career is worth it. Families are forever, jobs aren't.


By the way, I've been happily married to the same wonderful woman for over 33 years. We have 5 kids and 10 grandkids. I am a happy man. I also have one of the best flying jobs around. You can have it all.
Family Life

Listen to me, you can be an Airline Pilot and have a family too. If you get furloughed, maybe your kids can get a paper route to pay your Union Dues.
live where you fly.

dont chase the money once you are comfy.

Be loyal to your family, not your job.

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