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Falcon 20 headsets....do you?

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It's a slippery slope...
Nov 9, 2003
I have gotten a little bit of time in the DA20 and I was thinking it might be a bit too loud to not wear headsets...

I have been just using the hand mike and the speaker. I honestly think the sound insulaton has been removed.

Just wondering how many of you guys wear headseats or earlplugs?

I went from the Shorts to the Falcon and love the extra space in my flight bag since I am not carying my Lightspeeds.

The insulation has probably been removed. I wear earplugs and highly recomend them.
Yeah, the only problem is the Captain I fly with...dosen't wear any hearing protection what so ever.

Gonna make comm between us a little more difficult...

But outside of the plane...when I am next to him and he is on his mobile...it sounds like he has it on speaker phone.....but his mobile dosen't have a speakerphone!


Wear the earplugs and save your hearing. It would be no different than wearing a head set in communicating with your captain. Usually when you were a headset and you captain doesn't you will want the radio turned down because of how high the volume is in your head set, but with all the noise in the cockpit the captain will want it turned up.
I used to wear earplugs & a David Clark vise grip. I wouldn't use the headset for takeoff & landing to make it easier to communicate with the other guy. I also carried a cheap 2 place intercom to use if the other guy used a headset too.
Well, most would say that applies to me as well...:rolleyes:

Yeah, I bet it was him then.

Wankel- that was me in the white 'Van Friday... and the goofy colored one in YIP when I saw you there a month or two ago (if that was indeed you).
T-Gates said:
Was the guy you saw so skinny when he turned to a profile view, he disappeared?

It is amazing what being an FO again can do to a man :(


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