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FAA Programs Bill

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Feb 16, 2002
FAA programs bill is being passed as we speak. General aviation fuel will now be taxed at a rate of $.36/gallon. Get your Avcard warmed up.
This isn't really new news, its been debated for at least the last 3 years.

Personally, I'd rather pay a higher fuel tax than face ATC user fees.
It increases fuel taxes on private aircraft from 22 cents per gallon to 36 cents, including business jets, to help pay for shifting the aging radar-based air traffic network to one relying on satellites.


The bill also:

* Raises the minimum number of hours of flying experience an airline co-pilot must have from 250 hours to 800.

* Bans pilots from using personal electronic devices in the cockpit, a response to an incident last October in which pilots of a Northwest Airlines plane flew more than 100 miles past their destination of Minneapolis while they were working on their laptops.

* Doubles to twice a year the frequency of FAA inspections of foreign aircraft repair and maintenance stations that work on U.S. planes.

* Contains a "passenger bill of rights" that would require airlines to provide food, water and other amenities to passengers kept waiting on tarmacs and give them the opportunity to deplane after a three-hour wait.

That would give legal status to Transportation Department rules adopted in December that also limited tarmac waits to three hours and fine airlines up to $27,500 per passenger for violations.
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