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Express One Airlines Information

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The Man
Nov 27, 2001
Looking for any information available on Express One Airlines or Mesaba.

I know of mesaba.com....but does Express One have a website besides nwairlinks.com

Who's hiring. Min Requirements.Points of Contact..Any and all information is appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!
Well.........now is not a good time to get onto Mesaba. We still have about 50 people on furlough waiting to come back to work. Things are looking up with us taking over the Saab flying down in MEM starting in FEB. If you want to work for Mesaba it will depend if we get any of the 44 seat jets NWA have on order. NWA doesnt want to commit to anything until they have reliable labor from Mesaba and that will not happen until we sign a new contract which comes due in June of 2002.

Your best chances are with Express right now, but I do not know what they require for times now a days.

Good Luck
Express I...

We are not in the best of shape lately either. With the company seeking a lower rate for the 440's and a contract extension we are heading for arbitration real soon.

While we have recalled all of our pilots, we are losing 1/2 of our Saab fleet to Mesaba in about a month, to replace the Saabs we will get 2 jets per month. Additionally, we will also lose about 2 additional Saabs per month starting this spring until they are all gone (about 1 year).

So, we will have a surplus of pilots until we get all the jets. Currently there are over 120 Saab pilots in training for the jet, with training running about 3-4 months. Those who were recalled last have been informed to be ready to possibly be furloughed again this summer when training catches up while the jets have not.

Hiring... I have heard (rumor) that there are 60-100 on the slate to be hired in 2002, of those, the people who were in class will be first, then the pool. At the time of furlough there were "about" 60 in class, and the pool was about 200.
exp 1

I had a friend who works at exp.1 try to walk in a resume for me. The HR lady wouldn't accept it. She told him that they are only going to hire @ 60 next year, and they already have a pool of 200 to choose from.
I'm a "recently returned furloughed EXA guy" and I can vouche for most of what has been said...however I have NOT HEARD ABOUT ANOTHER FURLOUGH so, what this guy said about being "warned" about another furlough is not true. At least the company has not said anything. Rumors abound here...like any airline. Good luck.
If it helps

The fourth bank is back in Memphis starting in June 1st. There are flights in the system for the 4th bank, and they ARE selling tickets on them. The 10pm push at MSP is back in juse as well. Just look in pars and check dates after 6-1-02
As the other recently returned furlough guy... Without putting names or our dirty laundry out...A "highly respectable" individual informed a group of us in the CEC that the "possibility" of another furlough is good. In the same breath we were suggested to keep our options and resumes open and current.

Why? Well, the math makes sense, we have 30 jets and 22 props, in feb we will have hopefully 32 jets and 11 props. We have just about 540 pilots. With a staffing of 5 crews per plane we are already fat by about 100 pilots. With some 120 SAAB guys in training right now for the jet with not enough jets on the property to support the pilots we already have. What will happen when these 120 finish training and we do not have the 12 (or so) jet's to support them or the rest of pilots who are JUNIOR to the 120 in training?

While I do agree with too many rumors are abound at EXA, the hard numbers do have some credability. Albeit it can also be construed as a rumor too. When you couple that with the (again rumor) of HR only taking between 60-100 for new hires this year it adds credence. Look at other regionals with growth (like we are to have) and they are hiring our rumored yearly amount by the spring. Too many pilots too little equipment.

I was in MEM days before the company said anything about the furlough and the rumors then were as accurate and the "offical" company position which came several days later.

As for the 4th bank, I hope it is true. I also remember a "planning" 4th bank in PARS in november (I believe) that never came to being. At least the summer is in line with the other rumor (several months old now) that the summer is when the 4th bank will return.

There are those who know and then there are the rest of us. I am simply one of the "rest of us".

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