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Express I Q?

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Nov 26, 2001
How are things going with Express?
Are they bringing people back?
Thanks for any info?
You asking about Express Airlines I (d.b.a NW Airlink)?
If so, as far as I know we have everyone back that was on the seniority list. 2Q '02 we are "retiring"/turning over half the Saab Fleet to Mesaba. And somewhere around the 3Q 2002 Mesaba will pick up the remaining SF3 flying as the leases expire and we gain CRJs. Supposedly from what our management says... if we slow down or stop taking CRJs for whatever reason then Mesaba stops picking up Saab flying from us.

Don't shoot me I'm just the messenger.
I personally don't want to see the Saabs leave...but that's just my opinion.

Happy Holidays!