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Expense Report NetJets

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Aug 5, 2002
Just finshed sim training but I have not been to Indoc yet, so I was wondering if someone could tell me where I mail the pilot expense report to? Also, do we keep track of our per diem hours or does NetJets? If we do, do I include the hours on the expense report?? Thanks for your help!!
expense reports go to the bridgeway ave. address. Address them to Granny. You keep track of the perdiem by your duty time and it is put on the expense report form.

After you fill out a couple, they are no big deal.

Whoa, big fella. I wouldn't address them specifically to Granny, unless you like not getting paid for expenses.

Call the expense department, and find out who handles the reports for your specific fleet. Then direct all future expense reports to that person.

Also, find out who is your duty summary person, and deal directly with him/her.

This just saves headache and hassle trying to squeeze $$$ out of Granny.

Good luck,

good point toploader....i just assumed they were in the ultra. My bad. Getting money out of granny is a hard thing to do.....you would think it was coming out of her pocket....


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