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Executive Jet and a $5000 credit card?

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Just got an app. from EJA and besides doing a credit check on your tookas, they want you to have a credit card with a minimum of 5000 clams. What's the deal? Do you have to pay for your hotel, airline tickets, meals, etc...and then they reimburse you? Or am I missing something here. thanks.:confused:

On the road you do pay for your hotel on your credit card then you submit your expense report and are reimbursed for it. Airline tickets should be taken care of by the company, you just go to the counter to check in.

As for meals you get crew meals on the road. Im not sure about the $5000 credit card thing....did they tell you that??

Give me the details. I was not told that, and i actually got a seperate card for working at eja, just to keep it seperate from my personal things.

I guess I'll never work for EJA, My CC's are for my use, they should trust their pilots enough to give them a CC. Do you know how much they make floating your money. Burned once shame on you, Burned twice shame on me! I bet there's a lot of guys on this board that have been left holding the bag.
EJA Hire

I realize this is slightly off the subject of this particular thread but as long as we're talking EJA I thought the following might be of interest.

A friend called and told me he's been hired at EJA. He has a March class date. He now flies single-engine turbine freight in California and was hired with something like 9000 tt, 1000 multi and 1200 turbine in the Caravans.

I extracted a tiny amount of gouge. He said the sim ride was in a Sabre sim. He was paired up with another applicant and they got together to work out crew procedures at the paper trainer. My friend said the interview went about thirty minutes and was mostly technical. He was asked how he would handle a captain who used a non-standard procedure (discuss it low-key afterwards) and how he would handle pax who want to change destinations without sufficient fuel to make it there (just tell the pax the truth; we don't have enough fuel).

Hope this helps a lucky EJA applicant.
At EJA I have a credit card that has a $4000 limit. Typically, the only expenditures on it are hotel stays.

A bunch of guys get something like a Hilton Platinum card just for EJA use. Man, those hotel points rack up quick!

It is really not a bad deal, because the wife and I are taking an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii in May, compliments of Hilton.

There is talk about a company credit card, nothing solid yet though. That is a pretty small item to worry about and to not want to work for eja because of that.(using your own card) But everyone is different, so to each their own.

As long as they pay it on time it can be a real asset. Especially if you get an airline card and start racking up the frequent flyer miles.
As you may or may not know, the U.S. Gubmint has gone to the "government" travel card which is just another credit card in your name, with the only special thing about it being the word government on the front and the bank has to give it to you no matter how crummy your credit. The new rules say I had to have every crewmember get one regardless of how little they would actually travel on the job. I obviously took them all and locked them in the safe only to be issued back when travel orders were required. These cards would work anywhere just like a regular card.
Shocking as it may seem, there are now lots of servicemembers delinquent in paying their cards off even when they liquidate their travel claims. Can you say, "we finance E-1 and up"?!?
The rumor is that an Arizona bank underwrites it all and John McCain pushed the legislation through as part of "streamlining" the gov't.
Just thought y'all might find this all humorous in light of the comment (with which I happen to totally agree) on how immoral it is to use your employees to float the cost of company travel.
If the government @#$*s me....
Thanks for all the replies. I wouldn't decline the job just because of the credit card deal. I was just curious. They actually stated in the application packet that 5000 ducket credit card was required. I'm new to the corporate lifestyle, but the points on the credit card seems like a real upside. If I send my packet in tomorrow, what is the average time it takes to get an interview at EJA? Anyone have a guess?
Don't know. Do you know how you can tell an EJA guy from everyone else. The crew is running a relay race through the terminal trying to catch the next commercial to the next limo to the next GA airport to the FBO to the airplane to the next destination to the next commerical to the limo to the hotel and over and over we go...................

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