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Exec Jet vs. Flex Jet questions

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Nov 26, 2001
Fellas, wondering if anyone with some intel on these firms could help me out. Through blind luck and some connections, I just may have a shot at going to one of these companies. Wishful thinking, I know, but maybe.

I really don't know a whole lot about either of them. Just know they are 2 dominent fractional companies. I have 2 connections who think they may be able to help me pursue something at each firm.

First, realistically, what would a first year and second year pilot be looking at making at either firm?? I am currently furloughed from UAL and have a non-aviation type job and am wondering if the pay is decent to start.

Second, I am from Northeast Ohio (Akron area) and wish to stay put where I'm at. I know Flexjet operates out of Cleveland, but which airport? Also, EJA has a big base in Columbus. This is probably an hour and a half drive for me to get there. Just wondering if this would work out or would I need to move closer.
If I wanted Cleveland(Flexjet) or Columbus(EJA), could you get it right out of class??

Third, do these companies make you sign resignation letters with your current carrier?? Any training contracts?? Also, what is the timeline from submitting an application to interview to class??

Thanks for any info.
Flexjet or Flight Options

Flexjet is based out of Dallas. I think you are thinking about Flight Options based in Cleveland at CGF. I work for Flight Options. Is this who you are speaking of?
Sorry, yep it's Flight Options

Sorry, shows you how much I know about Fractionals......yes, you are correct, the Cleveland firm is Flight Options. So anyone reading this thread, scratch out Flexjet, insert Flight Options!!

Just wanting the basic info stated above and any of your observations about working there. Thanks for straightening this thread out early.

I looked closely at both. I too am on furlough so I was concerned with the fact that I would have to turn in a letter of resignation. I can tell you, with confidence, you will have to resign from UAL to go to either company.

In fact Rebecca, from Flight Options, came right out and told me, "why should she hire someone that will leave when recalls start when there are plenty of pilots that aren't going anywhere." I couldn't argue with her.

Also, my good friend is in management at E.J. and he told me basically the samething. I think resigning from UAL would be very difficult, unless you think they won't return. Good luck.

Flight Options Info

First Question: I don't have the payscale right here in front of me. First year FO is around $35,000 a year in the light jets. Cleveland domiciled pilots get an additional $4800 a year.

Second Question: Flight Options has a "live where ever you want policy"

Third Question: Yes you would have to give up your UAL number.
Exec. Jet Gouge

EJA will not only require you to resign your senority number, if they
hire you they will mail the letter themselves. Right now I have heard
that the resume pile is so thick at EJA, that your REALLY need an
internal L.O.R. to move into "the short stack". However, several pilots
who were polite, but kept bugging them, have got around that loophole.

EJA has gateways...non-senority based bases that require you to live
within 100 miles or 3 hours drive and be available for duty at 2400 local
on your first duty day. You will either pick up an aircraft at your gateway,
or the company will airline you to your bird. When your tour is over, they
airline you back to your gateway.

Some gateways include: CMH, IAD, TEB, BDL, CLT, PDK, LAS, APA,
MCO, PBI, JAX, LAX, SEA, and many others.

Expect to make about 35-40K your first year at EJA with a little overtime
flying. New hires are given a 17 day schedule that is usually 6 on, 4 off,
6 on, 4 off, 5 on 5 off, or something similar. After about one year's
senority in most fleets you can hold the coveted 7 on, 7 off schedule.
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Thanks guys. I feared the resignation of seniority thing might be there. I worked hard to make it to UAL and am not willing to give up my seniority with them. I am sure these are great companies and I can understand why they make you do this. It just sucks for a furloughed dude.

I'm hopeful UAL will return to profitability within a year or so.....hopefully they will recall within 18 months or so.....until then I'm going to grow a beard and drive a potato chip delivery truck. Not the career path I was expecting, but what the hell. Thanks for all of the responses.
Hi UALX727,

Can you make more money driving the potato chip delivery truck than you can driving the pizza delivery car? Is the beard mandatory?

Doesn't being furloughed really suck?! Can't find a decent job 'cause everyone knows you'll quit and go back to your airline job, and sitting on the couch gets really old. And to make things even worse, my wife says that picking cookie crumbs out of your belly button doesn't count as a hobby.

Have you found any flying jobs that don't make you resign your seniority? You don't have to tell me who, I'm just curious if there are any at all. I'm not having any luck so far.

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