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Excel Fuel Reserves

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Well-known member
Dec 17, 2004
Anyone who currently operates or has operated the Cit Excel, what are you min fuel requirement for Day VFR and IFR with 100 n.m. alternate in LBS. Been using 2000 lbs and just curious what others have been planning. I know there are alot of other variables, lets just say landing in the Midwest with no real delays.
From NetJets Flight Ops Manual:

CE-560XL: Min fuel for release 1800lbs based on 900lbs reserve and 900lbs "30 min flight"

Reserve Fuel 900lbs
-45mins, isa temp, 25000' alt

30 Minute Flight Fuel 900lbs
-isa temp and cruise alt of 25000'
-total fuel used from engine start to landing for 30 minute flight
Cessna says minimum of 1200 lbs for landing.....

1500 was OK for severe clear, 2000 in the bank made me feel much better when I flew it.

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