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Evergreen vs. FAA

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Dornier 335

Well-known member
Aug 3, 2005
from FlightInternational:

FAA seeks to fine Evergreen $4m for improper pilot training
By Lori Ranson

US regulators are alleging cargo operator Evergreen International Airlines used improperly trained pilots on hundreds of revenue flights and aims to levy a $4.85 million fine against the carrier.

The FAA explains between 19 February and 9 July 2009 Evergreen operated 232 revenue flights with a new flight management system (FMS) that differed from the prior system, and required a specific form of training for pilots flying the aircraft.

Evergreen line pilots received ground training and a check ride on the new FMS, but were not provided required familiarization flights supervised by the company's check pilots, the agency says. The carrier also failed to distribute copies of required system manuals to crews using the new system.

Subsequent to the hundreds of improperly conducted flights, Evergreen ensured its pilots are trained in accordance with FAA regulations. However, even though now the company is in compliance, "this penalty is appropriate because requiring operators to complete required, approved training is the only way to make sure crews are fully qualified to operate the equipment and systems to manage flights safely", says FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt.

But Evergreen plans to challenge the penalty, and says the situation "represents a good faith dispute about appropriate training when we transitioned in early 2009 from one GPS-based navigational system to another GPS navigational system".

The carrier also says it appreciates FAA's recognition that "we addressed their concerns long ago, with pilot training that is fully in compliance with the law and our FAA-approved training programme".
I am still here so they can't blame me..But at least you are willing to take one for the team.. Good luck where ever you went..
maybe i was the sacrificial lamb and ya'll will get big raises since i left, tell that old duffer hello back

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