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Evergreen International Airlines

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Jul 9, 2002
Does anyone know anything about Evergreen
International Airlines?

I'm furloughed from a major (that will probably not make it)
and flying for express right now would they be better
or worse than express?

Thanks for any info guys

Better or worse? That depends on each individual situation. I am new at evergreen (furloughed from a major) and I am looking forward to the flying. Generally 16 days on, often right in a row, the rest of the month off.

Very nice people to work with, and some exciting flying to be done. Although things are good now, you have a better chance of bing furloughed from evergreen than a regional. DC-9 is based in SEA and has alot of flying into Alaska. B-747 based in JFK and flies all over the world.

Check the web site (i do not know it off hand). They are interviewing now and anticipate another 3 classes this year. Class size? I do not know.

This is as accurate as I can be. I am not on line yet so most of it is what We have been told by mgt and friends on the line.
It also looks like Evergreen is going to pick up a contract that Kitty Hawk used to have in SEA. It will be an anchorage run using a DC-8.
Same question as widgetboy, anybody know if they require a seniority resignation and any idea as to the pay?

I understand that the starting pay for the 747 is 39K
while starting on the DC9 is 36K. This is just what
I have heard.

I'm not sure about the senority issue. Good question
EIA does not require furloghees to resign their number. There is is no training contract. They expect a year out of everyone. Sort of a "gentlemen's agreement."

Most of the hiring right now is into the 747. Almost exclusively furloghed pilots have been invited. Most lines are about 16 days. There are some split lines, (8 & 8) but those are relatively senior. Upgrade runs about 5 years. Everyone there I've come into contact with seems really nice. They have a reputation of being a very professional organization. No politics, excellent management/labor relations, good working conditions. The only negatives are pay, quality of life, (unless you're single) and that they have a history of furloghing.

Best of luck!
Most of the info above is correct.

Pay on 747 is a little over $3300 / month with possibilties of extra flying. That guarntee is based on a 65 hour month.

dc-9 pay is a little over $2800 / month - 65 hour guarntee.

no dc-8's

Yes to more flying out of SEA and ANK on the DC-9.

747's have been very busy and do not plan on slowing in the near future.

You do not have resign your senority, but you do sign a "gentleman's agreement" if you are furloughed for a TWO year commitment.

I hope this helps everyone.

Thanks for the great info. If you don't mind, I have a couple more questions. How does the pay/hourly guarantee change for the second year? How is equipment assigned?


I worked there for a year in 1999. Pilot group is fun to fly with and planes were in good shape (was on the DC9 when they had the Westcoast mail runs).

I left for a major and am now furloughed and probably could have called them to try and go back, but decided not to. Schedules away from home are tough (16 days...and can be 30 if last 16 days bumps up against next months 1st 16 days). Got a little one at home now so found a nice 9-5 job so I can watch him grow.

EIA is a GREAT job for a single guy/gal though...especially on the 747 as you'll really see the world! Unfortunately you won't get paid quite enough for the work you do, but if you're awaiting callback somewhere else anyway...why not!

Good Luck!


ps - and yes, ol' Del Smith likes 100% pilot utilization so if he loses a contract, he'll furlough until he get's another one (which is usually less than a year).

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