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Jul 16, 2002
I have received several e mail's regarding flying for EVA and the curiousity of why i am leaving China Airlines. Well, being a chinese american, i would be able to make a good assessment about the flying here. Let's begin with the downside.
1. Pay: there is no duty/trip rigs (EVA and China), you are paid by the flight time"not block to block", but from the time gear is retracted till the time gear is compressed.
2. minimum of 8 days off
3. upgrade to captain is not done by seniority, but hand picked by the management, lack of job security, you may be sack at any given moment, if you use your sick days too much, they may see that you are not fit for this job and will sack you.
4. starting pay for the FO with EVA is 3500/usd for the first 60 hours, 4000 if you are scheduled for 70 hrs. Modest pay raise thereafter, I've been with CAL for 5 years and only seen a raise 2 times!! Max captain is 7000/USD. (CAL), EVA 8000/USD.
5.20% tax for the expats.
6.for those of you wish to join EVA, they will provide a single occupancy apt, but it's like a boot camp, no visitors are allowed,PERIOD! you need to be back at your room at 2300.
I can go on and on, but I'll stop for now. the good side is this is a good temporary job for those being furloughed and waiting for a recall, but I would not recommended to anyone they may see as a career.
After 5 years with CAL, I need to find something that i can call it a career, a company i can enjoy my flying and have great people around me, and I found it in NETJETS.

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