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ERW to OKC and OMA here we come

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Other XJET employees may find this of interest:

NEW YORK, May 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL - news) today announced that it will launch nonstop flights from its New York/Newark hub to Omaha, Neb., and Oklahoma City effective Nov. 1.

These routes are the first selected for Continental Express flights with the new extended-range version of the fast, quiet 50-passenger Embraer ERJ-145 ExpressJet. This aircraft features a comfortable interior with window or aisle seating for every passenger.

Continental will offer three daily round trips on the Newark-Omaha route and two daily round trips on the Newark-Oklahoma City route. No other airline provides nonstop service between Oklahoma City and the New York City region. With the two new routes, Continental will serve a total of 121 destinations nonstop from its Newark International Airport hub.

The new routes will connect with other flights throughout the East and Europe. Fast, efficient train service also provides easy access to Manhattan from the Newark hub.

Continental Express, operated by ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., employs more than 5,200 people and provides Continental Airlines with all of its regional airline capacity at its hub airports in Houston, Cleveland and Newark. Continental Express offers advance seat assignments and OnePass frequent flyer miles, which can be redeemed anywhere in the world Continental and its alliance carriers fly. ExpressJet Airlines is wholly owned by ExpressJet Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: XJT - news).

Continental Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the U.S., offering more than 2,100 departures daily to 120 domestic and 91 international destinations. Operating hubs in New York, Houston, Cleveland and Guam, Continental serves more international cities than any other U.S. carrier, including extensive service throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit continental.com .
Re: "regional" airlines...

jmac77 said:
Also, all the regionals are flying their people overtime while the rest sit on furlough, especially at CoEx. Cheap, cheap bastards...Just a bunch of slave drivers...

Maybe I took your post the wrong way...but....

Perhaps you should speak from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance, especially since you don't even work here.

As soon as started furloughing, our line values dropped significantly. Our average line is now built to minimum guarantee, 75 hours, with many lines built around 70 hours. I commend our management for maintaining staffing a little over what is probably required, as well as for dropping line values down to the 70's, to keep as many pilots on property as possible. Our average line has 15 days off with many 16-18 day off lines. Minimum days off for EWR last month was 14. That's right, the worst you could get was 14 days off. Hardly working like a slave...

Again, maybe I misunderstood you, but I thought I could inject some accurate first hand knowledge into this thread.

Originally posted jmac777
Also, all the regionals are flying their people overtime while the rest sit on furlough, especially at CoEx.

There is VERY little overtime at COEX. I aggree with BluDEvAv8r...we should also mention the "no fly" lines that pilots can bid that help ease the overstaffing situation. The six and 12 month Company Offered Leaves of Absenses (COLA) that were offered also offset many furloughs. You've got to admit, the management at Continental Express has done a lot to "ease the pain" from the cutbacks. Furloughed pilots have even been offered temporary positions throughout the company ranging from crew scheduling, inflight, maintenance, and ramp help, et. al.
Here at Eagle, we are flying more and more of those "regional" 2.5 hour or so flights. I bet the passengers just love having nothing to eat but pretzels on those long hauls.
The mgt at ExpressJet (CoEx) has been better than most with regard to mitigating furloughs. They have continued to be honest with their predictions for recalls and have helped our negotiating committee lessen the effects of the current industry downturn.

I can only speak for myself, but my line value in APR was 69 hrs and I had 17 days off. I then personal dropped 8 hrs and had no problem doing so. While I don't know if this working attitude will continue during our opcomming contract negotiations, our mgt shuold be commended on how they have handled the last 6 months. The same cannot be said for the mgt at Continental.
Embraer predicts robust RJ market over next two decades
Dateline: Thursday May 09, 2002

Embraer is forecasting a $200 billion market for 30/120-seat regional jets during the next two decades.

The Brazilian manufacturer predicts there will be a demand for 8,695 aircraft in this segment during the next 20 years, with 4,085 delivered between now and 2011 and another 4,610 in the following decade. Some 52% of these aircraft will be delivered to the US over the next decade and Europe will get 24%.
The company said it has been analyzing the trend toward longer flights on routes with thin demand, which will create greater opportunities for RJ service. This has led it to develop the longer-range ERJ-145XR, which can fly up to 2,000 nm and is scheduled to enter service with Continental Express following certification.

source: PilotDK
Re: "regional" airlines...

jmac77 said:
Also, all the regionals are flying their people overtime while the rest sit on furlough, especially at CoEx. Cheap, cheap bastards...Just a bunch of slave drivers...

That tells me how little you know about what's going on at COEX. As of right now, very few people are being junior-manned or having their days off rolled. Also, very few people have lines built to greater then our min. guarantee (75 hours).

Sure, some people voluntarily pick up an open trip for whatever reason they feel the need to, but that is not what is preventing recalls here. More like abundant staffing and block hour requirements.

We are however going to be receiving 38 new aircraft between now and Feb '03 which will generate the need for approx. 210 Captains and 210 FO's to adequately staff those airframes should our aircraft utilization remain the same.

That coupled with the INDUSTRY LEADING contract that our Negotiating Committee is gonna pave the way for makes COEX a place to keep your eye on.

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