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While not positive, I think it may be Executive Jet Management operating the ERJ. I know they operate some in California, but not sure of which airport.


I'm in and out of SJC at least once a month and see a 135 there quite a bit loading Intel's people on shuttle flights. I talked to a crew once and they were Executive Jet Management staffing Intel's a/c. I believe they said they had a couple of them and were getting some more to replace the 1900's that they were operating.....

Don't take that as gospel though.... Just what I seem to recall. But I do know for certain they were EJM people crewing Intel a/c...
Yes you are correct...EJM runs the corporate shuttle on EMB135s and BE1900s for Intel on the West Coast...
I'm at the other end of the flight, Hillsboro OR: HIO.
They generally park it at night at Global Aviation which is a some what private facility.
Nice plane, but thinking about flying between only two airports..... it would be something a pilot would have to take in consideration. To me it sounds as exciting as the 20th turn in a holding pattern. I would think there would be better options with EJM/EJA. But, I don't recall seeing the intel flight in the air on weekends!
Yeah those shuttle guys have a pretty sweet deal - decent pay, Monday thru Friday, no weekends, no holidays - BUT the same airports day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day......except for the occasional jet trip to LUK for maint.

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