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New member
Jul 12, 2002
To anyone that is currently at ENJJPT or has been in the near past, where are some good areas for residence around Wichita Falls? Also, what advice can you give for someone who is 2 months out? Is it a good atmosphere there? I have been trying to get information (besides the 97-02 site) on what it is really like there. Thank you.
I had originally gotten a pilot slot from ROTC in my final year of college. During my final semester, I found out that I had gotten ENJJPT (September), so I guess they had an ENJJPT board during that month.


Go to http://uptprep.com and start studying. It'll be one of the toughest years of your life and it'll be one of the most rewarding. Best wishes. Fly safe.


I know this is off topic but just out of curiosity (if you don't mind), what were your scores (PCSM, GPA, etc.) to get in?

My commanders ranking was #2 of about 30, PCSM - 94, AFOQT Pilot - 84, PFT - 430, GPA - 3.75. I am not sure how to figure out the OM score from that, maybe someone could inform me. I was very surprised to get it because I wasnt expecting it since I had already had a slot for 6 months.
From my knowledge, ENJJPT (Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training) is much more harder than UPT.

Most flight students go to UPT to figure out if they will fly fighters, tankers, or whatever. ENJJPT students are hand picked out of the AFA and ROTC to train with other NATO countries in jets. Once ENJJPT students graduate they will automatically fly jets.
so you're going to sheppard

Just graduated March 2000. For those who wonder enjjpt stands fo Euro Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training. Half the class will be Americans and half will typically consist of Germany, Norway, Netherlands, and then maybe a couple from Italy, Turkey, Belgium, or a rare Greece or Canada.
Pilot training itself inherently sucks. It's hard to have peers wash out. It last too long. Getting Sheppard however is good. The Nato experience is priceless. Your instructors will be the same mix of nationalties I mentioned for the students. The Nato country instructors are more like guard guys than what you'll get used to in the American active duty. For better and worse. In pilot training, mostly better. Also at Sheppard you wil fly more, as they don't have the same sims as the others and some of the phases are longer, specifically formation. Of course that means you will also have more checkrides, oh well. And If you want to fly fighters, you're going to the right place since you can't get anything but a T-38. If not or if T-37's isn't going well you can only go to the T-38, so now what. There needs to be a better avenue for guys who will make fine pilots, just not make fighters.
By the way the are getting B-1's now, and the B-52's sounded imminent when I left.
As far as where to live. I went down a couple of months early to find a place so that would be out of the way when I started. I'm glad I did, and I did it again when I went to Phoenix. Just outside gate is Missle Road. A lot of guys lived on either side of that road. It's a nice area and close the base which will be nice on all those 4:00am showtimes, and when you forget to shave! Some of the places are a little pricey so alot of guys live with 1-3 others. I went with my girlfriend, we both worked, and paid $750 a month. The house was really nice. We passed on another that was $650. If you see an ad for less than that don't bother looking, and some of the $650's are junk or in a bad neighborhood. Alot of people in you're class will live on the southwest side of Wichita Falls, that's where all the apartments are. You'll pay as much for that. Don't overlook towns like Burkburnett. It's an easier drive to the base and the rent is usually less than the southwest side.
Well what else. My two best friends from there are Germans and are coming back for my wedding this fall. You just don't know who you're going to meet with similar interest. I also stayed at Sheppard for IFF. I would try to do that. People seem to like it better than the others and you don't have to move and learn a new areas(flying).
Oh, and don't study before you go, there's plenty time for that there. Take a vacation or get drunk instead, seriously it won't do anything but make it longer.
Send me a pm for more info. Glad to help.

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