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Employment situation.

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Putting my time in.
Dec 9, 2001
I know there have been alot better times to ask, but:

What are the chances of getting the first job in the states right now?
I'm a Canadian and American Citizen in Canada right now. There is absolutly nothing up here. Before the sept. 11 attacks it was pretty hard to get a job, but now with 1 major airline folding, many smaller regionals and charters have tightened there belts it is next to impossble to find something if you are just starting.

I'd like to know what the market is like in the states. Are there operators looking anyone?

Just on a side note it's -25 where I am, working where the thermometer doesn't dip below 32 would be a plus.

I believe he is reffering to Canada 3000, which had, correct me if I"m wrong, 10-20% of the Canadian market. That leaves a mark.
Medivacer, I too am a Dual Citizenship (USA/Canada) but have been living and working in the US for most of my life. As far as jobs out there, try Skywest, Comair, ASA, Allegheny, Piedmont, and PSA Airlines. They all probably requre around 1200 hrs and getting an interview may be difficult depending on your qualifications.

I was looking at aviation jobs up north there, and it looks pretty bad. You would have a better chance getting job in the USA.

Good Luck!
What I was looknig for was if that Mom and Pop Charter operators where hiring.

Folks that use single Cessna's, Navajo's or what have you.

I don't have the requirments to apply to the regionals yet.


Not much to be had with your quals at the moment. Your best chance will be instructing. I cannot tell from your profile if you have your U.S. certficates and/or U.S. instructor certificates. I'd suggest you first obtain these certificates. After you do, work up your resume and wallpaper the lower 48. It may take a while, given the hiring situation, but eventually you'll come up with something.

Lots of luck.
To answer your question about charter operations. Yes many are hiring from small pistons to executive jet charter companies flying the Gulfstream. You usually got to know somebody in the organization to be a candidate for the job. You also need 1200 hrs total, 500 cross-country, 75 hrs actual, and 100 hrs night for most of the jobs flying the planes you are talking about because you will be PIC under IFR ops.

There used to be some VFR charter jobs out there that only required 500 hrs total time but many of those operations are not allowed by insurance. I'm sure there are a few companies out there, I just don't know the names right now.

Good Luck!
Thanks folks for replying.
Although I think I found something flying a Beaver on ski's.

I'l be heading down there when I get my ATPL, so whatch out :)


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