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Emirates orders 42 777's

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Aug 25, 2002
Emirates to Buy Boeing 777s
In Deal Valued at $9.7 Billion
November 20, 2005 8:47 a.m.

Emirates announced on Sunday that it had agreed to buy 42 long-range Boeing Co. 777 airplanes, in a deal valued at $9.7 billion at list price.
The order is for 24 Boeing 777-300ER, 10 777-200LR and eight 777 freighters, with the first airplanes scheduled for delivery in 2007. Emirates has taken purchase rights for an additional 20 airplanes, the carrier said.
The deal was announced by Emirates Chairman Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum on the first day of the Dubai Air Show, in the United Arab Emirates. He Sheikh Ahmed said the that all of the twin-engine, wide-body aircraft would be powered by General Electric Co. GE-90 engines in a deal valued at $2.5 billion.
Emirates said it hoped to use the Boeing 777 to develop more European and Asian routes. The 777-200LR is the model Boeing used earlier this month to set a world distance record flying nonstop from Hong Kong to London by traveling across the U.S., covering a distance of 13,422 statute miles in 22 hours, 42 minutes. It will also allow Emirates to start nonstop flights to long-range destinations on the U.S. West coast and in South America, said Sheikh Ahmed.
Industry analysts had been expecting Emirates to place orders with both Boeing and European rival Airbus Industries at the Dubai air show. Sheikh Ahmed said his fast-growing airline had yet to decide on whether it will buy the Airbus A350 or the Boeing 787.
The Middle Eastern airline, which earlier this month posted a 7% increase in net profit for the first half of the year, is the largest customer for Airbus's giant double-deck A380, with orders for 45 of the planes valued at about $12 billion. It has another 45 wide-body jetliners on order from Airbus and Boeing.
The Emirates orders are just a few of what could be a busy week on the sales front for both manufacturers. Indian carrier Kingfisher Airlines has indicated that it expects to announce orders for $2 billion of airplanes from Airbus, and a handful of other orders from leasing companies and others are also in various stages of completion, say people familiar with the sales campaigns.
Separately Sunday, the Chinese government said that China has signed a deal to buy 70 Boeing 737 airliners with a catalog value of $4 billion and will soon agree to purchase 80 more. The announcement coincided with a visit to Beijing by President Bush.
Unlimited growth?

The rate that Emirates keeps growing to me seems unsustainable. UAE is a small country and even with its large percentage of foreign workers and growing tourism the market cannot be infinite. I don't think you can fill fleets of 777's based just on that.

And it's not the only expanding carrier in the region with Gulf Air and startup Etihad (?) also filling the order books.

Maybe Typhoonpilot can answer this one?

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Dubai is a very unique area unto itself. When my dad started flying for emirates in 88' I called him nuts. I remember going to our new house in Jumeirah Beach thinking I'm never gonna see civilization again. By 92' Dubai had grown to crazy lengths. I never thought I would have seen that much growth in the middle of the desert. Fast forward another 5 years to 97'. By now, I'm starting to think that these "dumb locals" as everyone used to call them aren't so dumb after all. They knew that oil wouldn't last forever and they were starting to smartley invest their money into different sectors of their economy. I.E. Dubai Free Trade Zone, Tax Free Haven, etc etc etc. It attracted many, and it still does. The year is now almost 2006 and I truly beleive Dubai will be the next Hong Kong if not better within the next 7-9 years.

You have to understand, Emirates Airlines transports about 50% of the passengers in and out of Dubai. As the city keeps growing, so will this airline. If Dubai is to be the next Hong Kong, then Emirates will surpass any airline out there in the world.

Theres is currently about 25 million pax going thru DXB, by 2012 this number is expected to reach 60 million. They are investing over $4.5 Billion on capacity and it still isn't enough. They are opening Airport City in Jebel Ali which will handle mainly all the cargo.

The new concourse they are planning on building will have 25 docking stands for the A380. 23 of the gates will be exclusively for EK use. The other two will be for foreign carriers.
Wow that is one heck of an order...What do the pilots make that operate that beast?
Considering that they take "Street Captains" ahead of current FO's & there is no seniority system, it isn't very good. But if you were a 50 year old retired widebody Delta Captain with a hankering for another 10 years, it might be a great deal.
To think, just a few months ago, all the so called "Experts" were saying Boeing was all finished.:rolleyes:
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Check out this month's GQ Magazine - Good Dubai Article

It is amazing to me that EK is ordering so many new 777s in addition to something like 35-45 A380s.

However, if you want to understand the growth expectations and the optimism in the area, take a look at this month's GQ Magazine - I think Orlando Bloom (the actor) is on the cover. There is a great article in that magazine about Dubai and the amazing projects that are being built - like three man-made islands in the shape of palm trees with something like 40 separate new hotels and incredible new theme parks. It is going to be an amazing place that will put Las Vegas to shame - so long as terrorists don't derail the plans...

Of course, you can always look at Pprune.org and read about the depressing conditions and low-pay at Emirates if you are also interested.

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