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Embry Riddle Online Degree

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Poor Flight Instructor
Feb 12, 2002
Anyone done the ERAU online degree? I'm considering it so that i can instruct full time, and still have a "regular" job to pay for everything. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. They will give me 30+ credits for having my MEI, which i will have pretty soon. Any comments, suggestions?
Hey Brad

Go over to the BS degree thread. There are alot of pros and cons about the ERAU degree there. Looks like a pretty good deal though, just expensive.

Again congrats on your CFI, I envy you.

I agree. The program is good but expensive. I've got 3 classes left and I'm done with my B.S.
How much is it per credit? All the info they sent me is buried somewhere and I don't remember.

I can't afford to even think about doing anything for another 6 months (2nd year pay! Yippee!) but I was just curious.
I will finish my ProAero degree this Dec. Overall, it's a good program. I think I've learned a lot. You do have to work hard, though and it costs about $550.00 per class now. I have no regrets. Good luck.
I'm currently taking classes at ERAU's extended campus in orlando,fl. I'm taking 3 classes.The classes arent too bad. I pay $453 per class and go to school 3 days a week for 9 weeks. I havent taken any of their distance learning classes online yet but am gonna soon. Has anyone taken any of the classes online yet?
They also gave me 39 credits for my ratings and previous experience.
ERAU distance ed

I started the program when I was in Japan, so every class was via the web....

Like anything else, you take the good with the bad. There is a lot of repetition....if I have to read about the Kelly Act or the Air Commerce Act again, I'm gonna hurl....

I wish they offered more aviation classes....I'm going to ERAU to round out my education, but I want to learn advanced aviation stuff as well....long range nav, advanced aero, etc. etc. Not offered at the extended campus, unfortunately.

Overall, good program. I have the best advisor....she keeps the Riddle Runaround to a minimum.

Best of luck....

Chunk <----might be incoherent....still asleep
Are you guys sure about those prices? I finished my Masters on-line through ERAU distance learning 6 months ago.. I was only paying $245 per credit hour for online classes.
What do the airlines/employers think of the Online Degrees? Has anyone gone thru Start to Finish? (ie. No prev. college)
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