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emailing resumes & such

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Well-known member
Jul 16, 2004
This is for anyone in the know. When a resume or cover is sent via email, is it better to send it as a template in the body of the email itself or as an attachment in a .pdf or word file? Do attachments get filtered out? Just curious.
It depends on how it is requested in the employment advertisement.
I've been sending out a ton of resume's lately...most want them e-mailed and I just sent them as a word attachment. I got a reply from 3 or 4 asking to fax, put it in the body or snail mail it to them.

I'd say attach it to begin with and put in the body of the e-mail "I'm attaching bla bla bla". If they want it different, they'll let ya know.


*unless they stated otherwise...then do what they say

PS When I was on the other side and doing the hiring, I preferred them to be attached. Long winded e-mails usually got lost in my mind somewhere and yawn'd me off... ...If that helps.

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