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email notification working?

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
Is the email notification not working for the forums?

My options haven't changed, yet I no longer get a notification on threads.

Anyone else?
E-Mail notifications

Dunno. :confused:

I sent myself a private a little while ago and received no e-mail notification.

I've also seen strange error messages when I post referencing the board's "D" drive or something.

Is an inop e-mail notification on the board's MEL? :D
Thanks for the info guys! We moved Flightinfo.com to new more powerful servers this weekend and we're still ironing out the bugs. Let me know if you get an e-mail or not on this message.
Sorry, also, if you get any error messages, please tell me exactly what they are saying so I can track them down!

I too saw the D: thing, but I can't remember the message, I'll let you know if I see it!
Thanks...this all seems to be related to the e-mail system and the security we are running. The e-mail is working on the forums now, so that's good, it's just a matter of getting the error squashed, which is harmless but catches our eyes!

Thanks, please continue to report what you find.
I do not appear to be receiving email either. Have noticed that for the last few days. Also I am getting error messages every time I send a PM (message goes through, error message on top). Are we sure this is fixed? I will try to find that error message for you.


Just got the same error message as Aero99 when I posted this.
I noticed last night that I could not get on the boards. It just brings up the intro page that list all the options.

The same thing happened a couple of days ago also, I think it has been around 11PM or so Eastern both times.

Okay, still the error, I am working this, thanks and please continue to let me know if you see a problem. I am aware of this bug, although the e-mail is going through there is a warning message showing.

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