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electronic wt and bal programs.....

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Jun 17, 2003
I just heard that in europe some guys/gals are being ramp checked and asked to perform/show a wt and bal for their aircraft with the inspector looking over their shoulder. so here is my question...... anybody know of a good wt and bal program for the G450 that I can install on our planebook tablet that gives a % of mac..................... thanks
I could email you the excel spreadsheet I use for G450. I use it for just that purpose. Before going over I just print a copy for each leg and have them in bag just in case.
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semperfido thanks......we are just getting the aircraft so we are not having to explain what we are buying (within reason of course) we bought a planebook for the cockpit and we have the jeppview.. we figured it would be good to be able to add a wt and bal program....i know ultranav works but no % of mac,,,,,,,,, someone said there is a preferred program other than ultranav....different subject i have ordered nexrad thru air inc who we use for flight plans etc....i have been told xm weather is better,,,, thoughts?
We don't have nexrad or XM wx so I can't offer an opinion. I can tell you that most people I know disable Sat on the datalink mgr when on domestic flights to avoid crazy high charges. Just a random FYI since you said you are just getting the craft.

If you have excel on your puter I can email you the w/b to check out.

I was at NBAA this week and there is Swiss company producing an UltraNav like program out there. It is different from UltraNav in that it is updated with AIRAC to include an obstacle database for all airports around the world.

I forget the name of the company, but I'll dig it up. They even have it for PDAs. Let me look it up and get back with you.


Well I don't have my floor map apparently. Without it there's no way I'll be able to find it. Anyhow, UltraNav, APG or CAVU should get you where you want to be.

http://www.cavucompanies.com/EFB-Pro feature page.htm
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Man, I'm so glad I no longer venture across the pond...
thanks for the reply's .......... i will look at the wt and bal programs.. thanks....... i can also understand why people dont enjoy the pond crossings (many reasons) like the certain controllers with the "i call you back while traveling at 300 plus " or the line up and wait instruction while you are still starting engines (thats kinda unnerving) or the ramp checks or the you spill a little fuel on the ramp and every friggin piece of airport equipment is rolled to your aircraft with the lights on like you started wwIII........... so yeah europe is cool.. but,,,,,,,,

i talked with airinc and was told their wx / nexrad works like requesting atis you uplink what you want when you want it so i think it is not on all the time or at least i hope not

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