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Electronic Device Ban

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Well-known member
Jun 7, 2006
There is a new article on USAToday.com that gives an update on a possible bill to ban electronic devices from cockpits. Once idiot politicians get involved in subjects of which they have no knowledge, something needs to be done. If the two NW pilots were indeed on their laptops, and got so engrossed in whatever they were doing that they lost complete sa, I hope they never fly commercially again. If they were indeed sleeping, now is the time to come clean, whatever the consequences might be. This potential bill might just be rediculous enough to pass, and could affect all of us. Think TSA on every jetbridge going through all of your stuff just before you board your aircraft to check for laptops, ipods, etc. Don't think it couldn't happen.
Banning electric devices from the cockpit ...hell, I fly an A320.The entire airplane is an "electric device "...sheesh.:rolleyes:

Stupid politicians. This is like banning CB's from truck because one guy using one did something less than brilliant.
In Boston they had a couple subway accidents chalked up to cell phone use/texting. The response was a total ban... not only banned from using, but banned from having on their person. First time offense = termination.

They day a TSA goon confiscates my cell phone is the day I quit and move to my unabomber cabin.
Those guys were just using the cockpit speakers instead of their headsets. I fly the A320 and everyone I fly with goes to speaker out of 18. Every last one of those guys misses 8 out of 10 radio calls or has to ask for a repeat.

Airbus cockpit speakers is what needs to be banned.
witness protection for the 2 assclowns that couldnt admit they were sleeping.

thanks dix
So how will the Jet Blue pilots compute their weight, balance, and other important stuff? Will this ground their fleet?

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