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Well-known member
Jun 14, 2003
How does EJM work. I know its the charter and AC management side of things. Some allow you to commute and work 7/7. Do those people have to reside in certain locations like Netjets? And do the have a set pay scale or can you negotiate? You don't here much about it on this forum.
You don't here much about it on this forum.

Hear is what I know about them.

You live where the plane is based.

Pay depends on aircraft and your experience, but is fairly standardized across types.

Schedule is dependent on how the airplane is staffed. They usually have 2 CPTs and 1 FO.

The stability of the job is not the best, as all the airplanes are managed, I believe. The airplane goes, you go.

This is all from flying with former EJM pilots.
It most likely depends on the owner. EJM has different levels of service for their owners. They have a few of their own aircraft flown by their own pilots who are all in LUK (I think). They have owner aircraft crewed by EJM pilots, who recieve EJM benifits, salery etc. They have charter managed aircraft that the owner does the crew hiring and provides benifits and salery and work rules, sometime EJM will refer pilots too these spot for interviews. Ultimately it just depends on what the owner of the managed aircraft wants. They do ask that owners do at least 100 hours of charter a year on top of their own flying. In any of these operations I do not see how one would be able to commute. although there might be an owner run operation that would allow for it.

I used too work for the third type of operation. It was a good gig while it lasted. 3 pilots, made our own schedule, the senior pilot had option to take trips or not, based on the owners desires.

Other than the different set-ups above I believe EJM is just like any other outfit that provides supplimental life to brokers and fractionals except they only work for certain fractionals obviously. In addition I believe their relationship gets them called before anyone else if NJA needs a plane. But, I'm just guessing on this last part here.

That is a good question, I have seen the commuting offer in some of their ads also. I would assume that those aircraft are not owner aircraft or managed aircraft but used to cover flights picked up through brokers or so on. Does EJM do any of NetJets flying?

Yes they do a lot of flying for Netjets and I would guess that some of the pilots employed directly by EJM for their own aircraft could commute if that is what they are offering. Most likely they keep the airplane on the road all the time and fly you back and forth from it.
Its a completely seperate company. I do not think their pilots fall under the union if thats what your wondering. I could be wrong though.
Yeah thats what I though. So does EJM provide a backup for Netjets? Its sounds like the samething just a different name. Same schedule and you can commute. I wonder what airports you can use

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