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Mar 23, 2002
Ref to Muddauber:

"Vote with your Feet"

Do these words mean anything: Economy, Sept 11th, Industry,
Family, Stability. Everyone has a choice but lets be logical.

"You knew EJM wasn't a Union"

Would you say the same to an EJA pilot that was unhappy
with the Union....ie...."You new it was a union" That type of statement would probably be your comment to any person who did not like where he/she worked regardless of the subject matter.

A good number of us have little or no experience with unions. Only recently, since the inception of fractional, has there been so much "on tour" socialization between crews. This has lead to better awareness of unions/non-unions, quality of life, pay scales, benefits etc.. We may be guilty of ignorance but ignorance is a result of not knowing and understanding.

Should we take a college study course on union/non-unions before we enter corporate America or before accepting a job? Should we ask the union or management to give us a speech....how biased would that be? Maybe when we receive an application for a job, there should be a two extra pages explaining the differences. Maybe you could come give a speech...now that would not be biased...would it?

"Mighty Grateful to get a job"

An act of desperation...No Sir! You are conversing with multiple
individuals that have access to this message board. Some having
less but most being just as experienced as yourself if not more,
including all branches of the military. Some at the end of a career
and most in mid career. You would be hard pressedto find 3 pilots under the age of thirty within this company. "Mighty Grateful"...No! Appreciative and lucky to work with a very experienced group...Yes.
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If you want a union, why wouldn't you go over to the union side at EJA. I think it is good to have a union and a non-union part of the company. It creates some healthy competition for both sides.

---No, I don't work for TAG. ---

You have a responsibility to make an informed decision when you decide who you're going to work for. It's wrong to accept employment, then start carping about the outfit as soon as you get onboard. I doubt they lied to you at the employment interview.

If you had as many options as you claim you do, why did you pick EJM when a union shop was available at EJA?

When I was in the military, things sometimes got pretty confusing, but generally if you just supported the hell out of your commander, you were doing the right thing. When you couldn't do that, it was time to move on...

After I got out, I moved on a couple of times before I got on at SWA. It doesn't take a lot of courage to change jobs, even girls can do it, my wife did.
Whay did you decide to work for a union carrier? Was SWA always union, or did the pilots organize after they were hired? Should they have quit and gone elsewhere instead of voting for representation?
Hey Muddauber
why do you care if they want to vote the union in or not?
It is their right to decide on that for themselves.

"It's wrong to accept employment, then start carping about the outfit as soon as you get onboard. I doubt they lied to you at the employment interview."

How do you know how long this guy has been there--or does it matter-like I said above-if they want to vote a union in-that is their right-hello wake up and smell the coffee. If they want to vote a union in obviously there are some issues and problems-do you think Mgt informed them of those problems before they took the employment offer? It's a two way street.

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