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Ejm To Be A Union

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Mar 23, 2002
To EJA Pilots:

In the recent months, there has been a growing number of Executive Jet Management pilots that have become disatisfied
with the internal operation of EJM at all levels of management.

We are organizing and exploring opportunities to join or form a pilots union.

We encourage and value all EJA pilot opinions and suggestions.

EJM Pilots For A Union
Wow, that's a surprise!

I'm glad to hear it. Keep us posted. We'll be eager to see how it turns out.

Good luck guys.
Call the #284 and sign up.
I don't want to step on my pecker here because I am new at EJA (not EJM) but was just curious about the Union issue.

Has there been any talk of a concept like AFPA (Americas Fractional Pilots Association) that would represent all of fractional pilots in the US. (i.e. similar to ALPA)

Had anyone approached ALPA or has ALPA approached any of the leadership within the fractionals wanting to explore the possibility of representation? [I was ALPA for 3 years and can’t really say that would be a good thing]

The fractional business/concept is exploding and there is no telling what the landscape will look like 5, 10, 15, 30 years from now. I think it is very probable that a fractional operator will exceed the size of today’s largest airlines (American, United) and the need for representation will be of the utmost importance.

Nevertheless, I'm sure the Teamsters will fight tooth-n-nail to keep EJA Pilots but I think the issue of a single union representing all pilots in the industry should be explored as the industry grows. Not only to protect our fell pilots to ensure or profession is never jeopardized but to protect the company we work for and to ensure future growth and prosperity with organizational goals kept in mind.

Just my thoughts, for what its worth!
we tried the alpa thing a few years ago. they really snubbed their noses at us.

one of the other problems is you can't just switch from one afl-cio affiliated union to another. there has to be a waiting period - i think it's two years. there was a loophole where it could be done, but when ATA (if my memory is correct it was ATA) switched, a bunch of beurocrats (teamsters included) got mad and closed the loophole. if we went to alpa, we'd have to go in-house for two years first. also, alpa is too expensive.
12 Years Ago! And, they went in house and are not AFL-CIO affiliated.

Now the fun part. They have approached the IBT to sign-up as an affiliate so they can get back under AFL-CIO. As has FedEX, Continental, and even American. Not change Unions, but hook their wagon to the mothership!

It is time for us at EJM to rethink the rules. The best way for us to improve our situation is to approach it with a fresh perspective and to confront our problem with new ideas.

What has worked in the past for our fellow pilots can now work for us. It is time for us as a group to rethink and to allow new ways to tackle our problems, even if it makes management uneasy. The "OLD WAY" of doing things just will not work anymore. The "Industry" is changing and so are we and it is also time for managment to change. The only way for us to feel comfortable is for us to have a new mindset that can change and keep up with the changes around us. It is time for us to become one UNITED GROUP and to stand together!

ALL EJM PILOTS respond with your comments and support at
[email protected].

EJM Union

Who are you? None of the EJM pilots I've talked to know anything at all about an attempt to organize their company. Most recently, I asked the crew flying N518EJ and their response was typical,"No I don't know anything about it, but why would I want to pay union dues, I already make more money than they do at EJA." Now, obviously they hadn't seen the BBJ pay scale, but the sentiment was typical. So I called Hal Raber and he hasn't heard of you either. What gives?

I also have talked to many EJM crews on the road and anytime the subject of union organization comes up, they have all said they are happy with the way things are.

I just wonder if the poster is a plant by the IBT.:eek:

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