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eja washouts

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Could expanda little on this??? I did my training for the ultra in columbus and everyone there i dealt with was very nice. I also did my type ride with the director of training, he was very nice also.

Two friends of mine got kicked out from EJA. I flew with both of them and I know they are good pilots. One 7000 hrs and another 5000 hrs. One was out during FSI and the second during IOE phase one. The one with FSI got screwed by his partner in the check ride(he was fair with FSI people and said they were nice), and the second one after spending 5 weeks(weather reasons) waiting to fly his IOE(here I am a little confused because my understanding is that is not an IOE program but a new 135 check ride - I don't know why because after FSI pilots are 135 checked....I have to ask him more details about this part) with all expenses out of his pocket (you are going to your gateway after completing Phase one IOE/Training) and in total of about 5000 dollars shorter in CC with family/mortgage to support. Being frustrated a little bit he went to the person in charge to ask to be let home until weather improves. They told him out of question and a whole process of lies started(not enough room here to explain). However since that date he didn't know how to fly anymore according to EJA. So he failed the check ride or check rides. I remember he told me that the check ride was no difference from SIM training. Ex: V1 cuts behind a real 757(that must be fun) etc. Anybody can say whatever but to me some of his stories if true (and I have reasons to believe him) seems to be crazy enough to do not step on somebody's foot if I would have to work for such a company or to do not work for such a company PERIOD.
I appologize for hurting any feelings around here but that is what I was told by people I know. I see that this forum is full of EJA people and I am sure they are the best. Like in any company good and bad things happens. It is all up to everybody's luck.

Just wondered if you could edit your post a little bit. Maybe it's just me, but some of the stuff you wrote makes absolutely no sense in the way it reads. Just my observation.


Say What?

Same here. I'm not trying to be vindictive here but I can't really understand what you’re saying - especially at the end. Please clarify.
I was trying to say that I know 2 pilots who got washed out from EJA, and try to explain how that happened. I do not know every detail of their story. All I know is that they were not very happy with this EJA experience. In the same time I know people very happy with EJA. So it all depends from which angle you watch.
I'm not pointing a finger at your two friends, but some of the biggest factors with people that bust at EJA are the following: Not adhering to SOPs, memory items, and attitude (As in, a bad attitude will not fly). FSI will let you use EJA checklists and SOPs while training, but whether you follow them or not is up to you. Our SOPs are not required for the type checkride. When you fly with the guys in CMH, you had better know them COLD.

Words of advise to any and all newcomers to EJA, when you get the SOPs before attending FSI, learn them and use them to the letter while getting your type. It will make things much smoother when you get to CMH.

EJA Capt
I'm just trying to figure out how he could be awaiting IOE for five weeks and spent $5K out of pocket during the wait. Where was this guy staying? Even at a Motel 6, you're looking at under $2K for 5 weeks, meals not included.

It seems in most gateway cities you can find crash pads if you only put in a little effort and look for them. Most can be had for under $300/mo and are flexible as to the duration of your stay. Obviously during IOE, from what I've read you can wait 5 weeks to 5 months. Granted, the out of pocket is the pits but he should have done his home work prior to accepting the job.

I have an upcoming interview with EJA and will be the first to tell you that I've asked literally hundreds of questions and this board is full of great folks that take time to answer even the most silly questions.

Sorry to ramble. Just my $0.02.


It may seem surprising that a 5000 or 7000 hour pilot will fail a checkride in an Ultra. So of course it must be EJA's fault.

In my company, a Part 135 Learjet operator, I fly with many different pilots - some of whom have thousands of hours in the Learjet itself. I must say that some of them can hand fly an ILS to perfection and grease every landing. However, their climb and decent profiles, callouts, briefings and checklist usage are so lax that I can't imagine any of them ever passing a part 121 checkride (or similar).

These same pilots are seen by their F/Os as great pilots. Just because you're a great stick or because you know the aircraft systems verbatim does not mean you're a great pilot. A lot of these guys have been flying in the 'lax' attitude for years and when for the first time (perhaps in their career) they have to learn brand new profiles, CALLOUTS, and procedures - they get a little flustered.

My 2 cents.
Sorry for the 5K confusion. I gave him a call last night to clear this part for myself. He said that approx. 5K includes all the stay in CMH untill you are rewarded your gateway. 5K means not only hotel, but rental car, meals and any other costs might apply. That the money he spent. He also said the training part after FSI should be short (up to 1-2 weeks), but in his case because of bad weather he had to stay up to 7 weeks (rain, storms, instructors duty time, etc). However even if somebody is lucky to have everything his way still should expect to at least a 2.5K expense. This is what I was told, and is not my experience.
And one more: He said that the pilots group is excellent but stay away from training dept. mgmt. and never trust their words. Make your name to do not appear anywhere.
Over and out regarding this subject.

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