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Eja Question

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hi folks.

I was hoping some of you could help me with a few Executive Jet questions.

Is it possible to do anything to influence your A/C assignment? (I really like the X's)

Do they ever allow any slack with the gateway "thing" (I don't wan't to relocate right away.)

How fast to upgrade?

Is it possible to avoid the straight-wing A/C? (PLEASE don't take offense guys, I just have a thing for the X.)

I am now in the process of applying just about everywhere, mostly waiting on SWA. I spent some time with an EJA FO the other day during one of y'alls open houses. I was very impressed with the nice new A/C.

I have just about reached my limit of flying old Learjets, some of which should be bulldozed into a ditch. I know very little about the particulars of your operation, but EJA seems like the sort of place one could retire from. Thanks for the INFO!

a/c assignment is based on eja's needs and sim availability at the time you're hired. during your interview, you'll also be "rated" by the interviewers as to your experience level. for example, someone who's only been flying steam gauges in a c310 would get the ultra. many retired a/l guys are getting the X and 2000 due to their experience level and glass experience. sometimes when you're called up, they may say we have the ultra this week, one of the hawkers next week, and a X slot next month - which do you want?

gateways - there's 24 of them, take your pick. they're scattered about so much you shouldn't have a problem finding one close to home.

upgrade could occur in as little as a month, or over two years. it all depends on you. you could get a senior a/c like the X or 2000 and not see captain until you're out of seatlock (2 years). or if someone junior to you makes capt (must be in a/c different than what you're currently in) you'll get capt pay. also, many f/o's aren't upgrading on purpose so they can keep their schedule and vacation seniority.

do some research, read out contract, etc.
What does EJA do with resumes under the minimums? Throw them in the trash or file them for updating?
Another factor on a/c assignment is "when do want to start?" When they call with the offer they give a choice of a/c and start dates. There can be several months separateing the potential start dates. They will also ask at the interview which plane you want and why. I would not wait a month or two for a "better" plane whatever that might be. I want the Falcon 7X and getting in earliest possible will give seniority when it becomes available.

You can have any gateway you want. The midnite before going on duty you must be within 100 miles or 3 hours drive to the designated gateway. You can live anywhere if you can meet this availability criterion.

If you don't meet the mins don't waste time applying. If you do meet mins don't hold back because of all the more senior folks trying for it. They will hire at mins if everything else is ok. It seems to be first come first served plus a factor for inside connections or reccomendations.


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